What to do post marathon?

Ok, so I’ve run my spring marathon…

Now what??? The Kiawah Marathon isn’t until December. I haven’t signed up for a fall half marathon yet (looking to break 2 hours!), but it will probably be mid-October, if I can find one.  So that leaves me with 3-4 month with basically no training plan.  Working out with no particular goal in mind doesn’t really work for me since I’m so used to training year-round for swimming.  When I have “official” time off, that usually means two things: sit on the couch and do nothing and eat everything in sight.  This I really don’t want to be doing because I’ll just gain 10 lbs and that would be unproductive.

So, summer is triathlon season! I didn’t do any last year because I was so fixated on finishing my first marathon. I’m not a particularly competitive triathlete, but I do enjoy them. Obviously, I love swimming, and this is kind of my shining moment in a tri. I’m fairly competitive in that leg, so it drives me crazy that it’s generally the shortest one!  To get in shape, I just need to start building some yardage in speed since most of my swims over the last 12 months have been recovery workouts.

I enjoy bike riding too, but….I don’t much like to ride fast. Add in hills and speed and I start enjoying it far less! I have a pretty decent bike, though:



Notice my pedals are not clips. I feel like to be a reasonably serious biker, you’ve got to have clips, but I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE with them. Maybe if I could get used to it on a spin bike or something, then move to a low pressure road situation. Any tips on this? Also, I know I have a super squishy padded bike seat. Yea, that’s staying. Then I would have to buy a new bike seat AND new bike shorts and all of a sudden this is getting expensive! I’ve ridden up to 50 miles on this set-up with no issues, so I know I can get to my more immediate goal of reaching a HIM with my bike as-is.  If I ever work up the nerve to do a full IM, I would put some effort into clips and a real bike seat.

Running used to be my weakest leg, by far!  I’m really looking forward to seeing how my improved running will affect my triathlon as a whole.

So, what’s the goal?  Well, like I said above, I’d like to do an Ironman Tri one day. Just to finish. Just one. A year ago, this was just a dream because I still thought that there was no way I could ever run a marathon, let a lone run a marathon after swimming 2.4 miles and biking over 100!

Now I’ve run 2 marathons, and this dream has moved into the realm of possibility.  I’m not ready, for sure. I’d really like to have another marathon (or 2) under my belt and improve my time down to at least 4:30. Still not super fast, but I need to be fast enough that I won’t have to worry about not finishing in time.

So, this summer, I’d like to do a Half Ironman. I’ve not signed up for one yet, but I have my eye on a few. I’ve had some stuff going on in my job that I’ve been waiting to settle down before I commit (with my money!) to a race, but I will definitely reach a decision before the end of June. At a minimum, I will be doing an Olympic distance race, which is definitely doable. I’ve already got a few sprint distance tris paid for to get me started!

I’m definitely excited to be swimming more. I’m looking forward to not having to run 20 milers on the weekends for a while! It will be nice to focus on some speedwork and shorter runs while it’s hot this summer. I think I’m excited about getting out on my bike more. I’m also going to try and start going to spin once a week to help with my biking endurance a  little. I will definitely continue to go to my group fitness classes that I love so much =)


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6 Responses to What to do post marathon?

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I think you’ll find something :). Swimming, biking, group fitness, shorter races, are all great options. I run year-round too but I don’t bike or swim. You could always tackle an ultra and start training for that if you’re at a real loss, lol. I think as long as you keep your base up you will be fine for Kiawah 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    I am in awe of anybody that completes any length of tri! Training and racing for a running race alone takes up so much effort and time, but to train in all three disciplines and practice transitions as well?… Definitely have my respect! 🙂

    • Steph says:

      Thinking of that…I should probably practice my transitions! I’m so slow trying to get my clothes on when I’m totally soaked from the swim.

  3. Clips? uh oh…. I plan on doing a tri on a 20 year old mountain bike. HA!
    School teacher salary at its finest!

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