My Hand

Yes, I think this post will be mostly pictures of my hand. For some reason, every picture on my phone from the last week has my hand in it…I need a life or something.

This last week or so has been pretty crazy, which was probably not such a bad thing because it kept me from working out too much and allowing my marathon injuries to heal. I haven’t ran once since Nashville!  I have been doing some other things though.

I’ve been spinning once a week. Spinning is hard. Also, I dropped the spin bike handlebars on my hand on Wednesday because I’m dumb, apparently, so now my hand is all bruised.

IMG_20130516_162125Uhh…I guess you can’t really tell, but it hurts. My advice? Don’t do that.

I’ve also been swimming more, which has been great.  I’ve managed to keep up enough endurance over the last 6 months or so that I can jump straight into some more speedwork.  The pools hours are still terrible (for 2 more weeks-ish), but I’ve been making time to get there and do a solid practice. So, that’s good.

I at some yogurt (not interesting)

IMG_20130513_104014This was on sale at Bi-Lo last week, and I’d never tried it before, so I got some and it was REALLY good. Full of sugar and delicious things.

My mom got me a magic bullet for my birthday, so I tried it out yesterday.

IMG_20130515_204413It makes awesome frozen margaritas. I haven’t had one in forever since I broke my Ninja blender a few months ago, so it’s nice to have a blender again.

Check out this sweet wreath Jen made for me!

IMG_20130509_192310I am talentless and can’t do stuff like this, so this is super cool to me.

Also, I went to Atlanta last weekend, which was lots of fun. We decided to do something totally touristy, so we went to Stone Mountain, and hiked up the mountain.



You can see the city from the top! It’s literally just a big rock. With Robert E. Lee carved into the side.



Hopefully the coming weeks will be less work-crazy!






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One Response to My Hand

  1. Glad your swim workouts are going very well. I keep hoping it gets easier.
    Your hike looks beautiful.

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