Simpsonville Sunrise 8K Recap

Hello everyone!

This morning I ran the Simpsonville Sunrise 8K.  This is a local race put on by the Greenville Track Club every year and it’s pretty popular. I did it last year with Meredith and we both thought it was a pretty good race, so I signed up for it again.

The race starts early, at 6:30, hence the “Sunrise Run”.  Last year, the weather was pretty decent, a little bit warm, but not too humid. This year, we weren’t so lucky:


It’s practically raining.

93% humidity. Yuck. I was sweating the moment I got out of my car.


I’m pretty sure you can see the mugginess.

I got there around 6 so I could grab my bib and run my shirt back to my car before the start. I met up pre-race with some new running buddies I made through work earlier last week (always exciting).

The race started right on time at 6:30.  The start was a little crowded, but the course went out on to a bigger road fairly quickly, so everyone started to spread out within a half mile. I really wanted to run the race in 45 mins or less but after the first mile, I could pretty much tell that there was no way that was happening.  My first mile was a 9:15 and I thought I was going to die (or melt into a puddle). I am definitely not used to the heat yet!

The course is relatively flat. It’s a big loop that starts out along Main St. in Simpsonville and then heads out into some nice neighborhoods before returning to downtown for the finish.  It’s mostly shady, which helps with the sun, but not at all with the humidity!  There were a decent amount of spectators, though.  One family set up their sprinklers to spray out onto the runners (apparently they’re out there every year), which is really nice. It felt good even though I was pretty much totally drenched in sweat by that point anyways. Sorry, ew.

977328_339311072837991_476996134_oThis was me coming up on the finish line. I’m pretty sure I looked like I had just jumped in a pool by this point. I finished in 47:11 (by my watch), which was a few minutes faster than last year, so not too bad.  I managed to keep all my mile splits under 10 mins, but I could feel the humidity the whole time. It was brutal!

Afterwards I grabbed as many waters as I could hold and tracked down my work friends. We all finished within a few minutes of each other, so maybe some potential for a training group? They went to Panera for post-race breakfast, but I already had plans to meet up with Jen for a bike ride.

So, anyways, that was the race! Anyone else run a race this weekend?



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4 Responses to Simpsonville Sunrise 8K Recap

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I raced today, not a fun time… bleh. Pain train 5K, and ours started at 8 AM so I really wish I was running at 6:30! That would be amazing… like the best time to run. But Simpsonville has hills so no thanks there. Glad you did an 8K though, that’s a cool distance.

    I love it when people have sprinklers going! That’s so great that the family does that and that they support the race and the runners, I love it when a race goes through a neighborhood and people cheer for those racing, it really means a lot.

    • Steph says:

      Oh, bummer. As hot as it was at 6:30, I can’t imagine how awful it was at 8! I guess that’s just the curse of summer racing in the south. The course really wasn’t too hilly, at least for Greenville =)

  2. Wow. Sub 10 minute miles are so hard in this weather. I swear my miles slow a minute during the summer even though I am pushing just as hard.

  3. kilax says:

    That would be super awesome if you could train with your coworkers! 🙂

    The humidity is brutal when it is that high! Congrats on running faster than last year… and just surviving! lol 🙂

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