Caine Halter Tri Recap

I survived the first triathlon of the season!

I was a little nervous about this one since my training for it was pretty minimal. I felt pretty good about swimming and running, but I’ve really only been out on my bike 2-3 times in the last few weeks. While it’s certainly enough to get across the finish line, I kind of wanted to do well and I wasn’t sure that was enough be as fast as I wanted.

Anyways, I dragged my butt out of bed early Saturday morning to head over to the Caine Halter Y and get all set up.


SWIM (300m):

Since this was a pool swim, the numbers were set up by the order of our submitted swim time. A note on this: Please put in a fairly correct estimate of your swim time! Every pool swim I’ve done has ended up in me getting caught behind someone much slower than me and this creates a mess! I caught up to the guy 2 people in front of (he probably started nearly 30 seconds before me) before the end of the first 100m. I know this sucks, but if someone needs to pass you in this environment, you just have to stop at the wall and let them because otherwise they’re just going to run you over.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Other than this, the swim went pretty well.  After about 150m, I finally got some clear pool space to get going.  I passed one other person during the final lap, but he stopped on the wall to let me pass. I hopped out of the pool and headed for the transition area. The run to the transition area was ridiculously long!


It probably took me about 90 seconds to get all the way down that hill. My total swim time (including the long run) was 5:26, so my actual pool time was probably around 4:00, which is about what I expected. I actually had the fastest swim time (for women),  so that was kind of exciting.

T1: Since this ride was so short, I planned to just wear my running shoes on the bike to save time on T2.  I turned my socks and shorts half inside-out so I could get them on quickly. I had a heck of a time getting my gloves on, though. (2:11)

BIKE (9-ish miles):

This bike route was pretty hilly. It was described to us as a lollipop shape, but you did the lollipop part 3 times. So we went out, did 3 loops and then came back.  I spent most of the first lap trying to figure out which gear I needed be in for some of the bigger hills so I wouldn’t die. My quads were burning bad by lap 2, even still. This is were everybody passed me =) I finished in 30:17.

T2: I got in and out of here in 0:55. Really, all I had to do was rack my bike switch out my helmet for a hat. I grabbed a quick drink of water while I was here too. I meant to grab a gel but I totally forgot, so oh well.

RUN (3 miles):

The run started out on a HUGE uphill, which was brutal coming off the bike, but as soon as I got past that, the rest of the run went pretty well.  It was mostly flat for the rest of the course.  We got on the Swamp Rabbit trail around mile 1 and headed into Cleveland Park before heading to the finish.  I had a side stitch for most of the run, but my legs felt strong, so I just kept pushing through, with just one short walk to grab water. I finished the run in 28:07, so not bad.

After I finished, I grabbed some water and snacks and went to go pack up my stuff. There were still people just finishing the swim! I kept out of their way, but this is definitely the one bad thing about a pool swim.  If you’re one of the last to start, you’ll be waiting an hour!  I wanted to wait for my friends to finish, so I put up my gear and changed into some dry clothes (so glad I thought to pack these!) before heading back down to the finish line.


My total finish time was 1:06.54. I waited around for a while to wait for everyone I knew to finish so we could get some team pictures:

1008960_10101734579630373_462882344_oBy this time, it was almost time for awards, so I decided to hang around a little longer. I knew a few people on our team got age group awards, and I thought I might have snuck in there.

Turns out, I did!

IMG_20130615_102900I got 3rd place in my age group!

I’m glad I decided to do this race. It was a lot of fun, and it showed me what I’ll need to work on for the rest of the season (the bike, seriously).

Have a great Sunday!


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8 Responses to Caine Halter Tri Recap

  1. Victoria says:

    Way to own that swim like a BOSS – top woman! And nice work on finishing on the podium.

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    Congrats on your 3rd place AG finish! It sounds like the tri went really well… interesting that it was a pool swim too. I think all the ones here are open water but Charleston is near a lot of water so that would explain it. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Mary says:

    Yay! Well done on placing 3rd! 🙂

  4. 3rd place…YEAH!!! I did a triathlon one time and I was so thankful that it was in a pool because I was able to push off the wall with each lap but ended up catching the person in front of me and it wasn’t fun. Congrats on placing in your age group and for doing a tri!!! 🙂

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