HIM Training Week 2

Hi everyone!

My second “official” week of half ironman training went pretty well.  I think my body is starting to get used to a 4:30 wake-up call, and I did a really good job of prepping food so I could just grab my lunch and go in the morning. The thing that’s really killing me is the weather! Here’s what the last 3 weeks (and next week) looked like:

Fullscreen capture 6302013 90756 AM


Well, geez. At least it going to cool down with all the potential rain we might get! Seriously, though, I’m pretty much over all this scattered thunderstorm nonsense.  I’ve had to be really flexible when I put together my weekly training plan and generally plan on not doing any running, swimming or biking in the evening.  Makes for good triathlon training, right?

So here’s last week:

Monday: AM Swim 4000 m  PM Body Combat, Body Pump
I had to switch my long swim to the morning due to a high likelihood of afternoon storms (it did storm), which worked out since I didn’t have to be at work until 8:30 this day.  After work I went to Combat just for fun.

Tuesday: AM 4 mile run with 3 x 0.4 sprints  PM Body Attack
This speedwork went much better than last week! I’d like to build this up to 1 mile repeats later in the summer.

Wednesday: AM 4.5 mile run with BIG hills
I met up with some friends for a run Wednesday morning and we ran a route with some big hills and interstate overpasses.  I felt so slow, and it was pretty humbling! Wednesday evening I had a networking/social event so I took it off.

Thursday: PM Spinning, Body Pump
I was still tired Thursday morning, so I slept in a little, then went to Spin class and Body Pump after work.  The gym got new spin bikes and they’re really nice! My legs were dead after spin, so I didn’t lift as much as I usually would.

Friday: AM Swim 2000 m  PM 15 mile bike
I got a short swim in Friday morning, then met Jen for a short ride after work.  She helped me practice clipping in and out. No major mishaps, though we just barely missed getting caught out in a thunderstorm. I felt a lot more confident after this ride!

Saturday: 33 mile bike ride
I met up with Katie for a long ride Saturday morning and it totally kicked my butt! We rode in the north Greenville area and it is really hilly. I could definitely feel the difference with my new pedals and shoes while climbing hills. Apparently I’ll be riding up Paris Mountain before I know it!

Sunday: 8 mile run
I had a heck of a time hitting a good rhythm during this run.  I took a few walk breaks during the first half, then started to feel pretty good for the last 4 miles. It was pretty hot and humid the whole time. Meh.

I also finally chose a race!  I decided to sign up for the Carolina Half in Charlotte.  I really wanted to do a bigger race, but there were some factors that made me choose this one.  The cost is significantly less, so that was a big one.  I’ve needed to buy a lot of gear (clothes, bike stuff, food) which leaves less for race fees and travel.  I also looked at the calender and realized that most of the other big races were late October, leaving me with only a week or two to prepare for RnR Savannah.  For the sake of my sanity, doing a race in September will be much easier.

This is the race’s inaugural year, but I think it will be fun! It will definitely be on the smaller side, which will at least be nice for the swim portion.

I also went ahead and signed up for the Lake Logan International Tri. I wasn’t sure about it, but Corey told me that it was a great race, and not really hilly at all. She also suggested that I may want a wetsuit for this race. I wasn’t going to, then I got an email for a sale on XTerra wetsuits, 60% off.

IMG_20130626_171506So, yea, I bought one and squeezed myself into it. It’s hot inside that thing! It fits pretty well though, so I’m looking to go try it out next week if the weather cooperates. I did choose a sleeveless one instead of a full sleeve suit because I think I will be more comfortable having my arms free.

Anyways, next Sunday is the You Go Girl Tri, so I’m excited to try my new bike skills in a race!



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One Response to HIM Training Week 2

  1. Corey says:

    Super solid week of training! And glad you picked a race. I am looking forward to hearing how it is. In Charlotte, could be about the same terrain as Greenville, so you will be well prepared! Looking forward to hearing about Lake Logan!!

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