You Go Girl Sprint Tri

Happy Monday! It’s a huge bummer to head back to work after a long weekend, but oh well.

Yesterday was the You Go Girl Sprint Tri, and my second triathlon of the year. I definitely felt more confident going into this race than I did for Cain Halter a few weeks ago. I’ve been on my bike more and have been practicing with my new pedals and shoes.  This race was a lot of fun two years ago when I did it with Jen as her first triathlon, and I’ve been looking forward to improving on my course time.

This event is hosted by the GHS Life Center and even though it’s a women’s only event, it’s set up just like any of the other local triathlons in this area (read: no frills).  It’s a good event for first timers, but there were a good amount of competitive women as well.

The weather was not looking great at the start. It was drizzling a little on my way to the race, and was sprinkling while I was out on the bike, which was worrisome, but the rain generally held off.  It was extra humid, though!

So onto the race! My set-up in the transition area was a mess:


Since this was my first race with two sets of shoes, I had to rearrange things so I wouldn’t lose too much time during T2 – especially since my transitions are already SO SLOW. I planned to start out in my new Athleta swimsuit with my tri suit top, then throw on my shorts after the swim. I still need socks; I’d rather lose 20 seconds in transition than have blisters for a week!

Swim (250 yards):

This was a pool swim as well. There really isn’t any open water in Greenville, so all of the local triathlons are pool swims. This definitely is to my advantage since I’m faster in the pool than I am in open water (also, I haven’t had a chance to practice open water yet).  Since we didn’t have to deal with the dumb men in the pool, I didn’t really have any problems running people over. I did overtake one sweet little girl (literally, a girl, she was 13), but she was so tiny, it was easy to pass her without smacking anyone. I glanced at my watch as I got out of the pool – out around 3:35, so that’s not bad.  My total swim time was 4:17.

T1: Did I mention my transitions are slow? I was slightly better than my last race at 1:50, but seriously, I need to figure out how to cut like a minute off of this transition!  I can’t figure out how to make up the time. All the tips are things that will probably cause me to faceplant off my bike, so not a good idea!

Bike (10 miles):

The site says the bike was 10 miles long, but I think my bike computer only showed 9.3? I’m not sure how long it was supposed to be, but it was somewhere between 9 and 10 miles.  This course was not too difficult – some rolling hills, but also some nice flat road out near the halfway point. My shifting skills are improving, so I was able to get some speed and actually PASSED someone! It was that same 13-year-old, but more on that later. Also, no one physically passed me so that’s a first. I finished in 33:02.

T2: I was slow coming out of this transition too. My hair had totally fallen out of it’s bun, so I was trying to put it back up while changing shoes and grabbing my hat – so basically I dropped everything. 1:06

Run (2.5 miles):

Since this was a short run, I knew I needed to suck it up and go hard, but UG, there was a big hill.  And since it was a 2 loop course, we had to do it again. I know, whining, and I knew it was there, so it’s not like I wasn’t prepared for it, but it hurt all the same. I struggled up it, then busted my butt on the downhill to try and make up time.  This was also the 3rd time I passed that little girl. Seriously, that’s getting old. I gave her a high five on the way by though, because seriously, she was doing awesome. I finished in 22:12, which is not bad at all, but I still think I could do better. Need more brick workouts! Also, my shoes were extra soggy after this run for some reason. My bike shoes were barely damp, but my running shoes were squelching. Weird.

I finished in 1:02.24, which is a solid 5 minutes fast than my race in 2011, so we’ll call it a PR!

So, as I mentioned above, the 13-year-old girl I kept passing on each leg? Every time we hit a transition, she would absolutely blow by me!  There were actually a group of younger girls, mostly 13-15 who were obviously fairly competitive. They had fancy gear and matching tri suits, and were blazingly fast in the transitions! Like 30 seconds or less. I have absolutely no idea how they did it. They were very impressive, and took the top 5 spots overall, which is extremely unusual! I felt bad since the award winners prizes were bottles of wine…no good for those young’uns!

Luckily, they weren’t in my age group, since they took all the top spots! I ended up 14th overall – 1st in my age group!

2013070795091619That’s not something you see every day! The woman who got second was only about 10 seconds behind me, so it was close. It was a small race, but it was still pretty neat to be first for once!

Any exciting 4th of July/Weekend races to share?


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  1. I have never gotten first in anything. I would be so excited, and celebratory wine- woohoo! Amazing job!

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