Training Weeks 4 and 5

Hello everyone!

I’ve been out of town for a work trip, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do! I’ll just get right to the last few weeks of triathlon trainig.

Monday (7/8)
PM: 15 mile bike ride – easy, BodyPump
I was going to take this as a rest day after the race on Sunday, but I really wasn’t tired, and it wasn’t raining (FOR ONCE), so I took my bike out to the trail for an easy bike ride.  Some storm clouds started looming, so I cut it a little shorter than I wanted and went to BodyPump, which was a good call since that storm rolled in fast and knocked the power out at the gym!

Tuesday (7/9)
AM: 2500 m swim
PM: CXWorx, BodyAttack

Wednesday (7/10)
AM: 45 min spin
PM: 3500 m swim
I had my heart absolutely set on open water swimming today, and checked the weather religiously. I even drove out to Lake Hartwell, and then a storm started to blow in.  I decided to hustle back to Greenville and managed to get a swim in before the storm reached us. I had to cancel my planned bike ride for the evening, though.

Thursday (7/11)
AM: 5 mile run
PM: Body Pump, 10 mile bike
I had dinner plans Thursday night, so I had to cut my ride short, which was a bummer since it didn’t rain for once. Dinner was awesome though; we went to Mad Cuban Cafe and I would definitely recommend it!

Friday (7/12) 
This was definitely an unplanned rest day.  I was excessively tired Friday morning (plus I had a lot of work to do), so I decided to skip the run I had planned since I was planning to ride that night. Obviously that didn’t happen. We got stormed out…again.

Saturday (7/13)
AM: 8.5 mile run, CXWorx, BodyAttack
PM: 15 mile ride
Whoops! This was way too much, but I wanted to hit it hard this weekend before I headed out of town for a week.  We did the run in the walk/run style, 7 mins running, 1 min walking. This actually really helped my pace and it was faster than my last few longer runs. This may be the secret to me surviving this summer! I went to the gym afterwards just because I really love BodyAttack.  The weather stayed clear through the afternoon, and I really wanted to go ride my bike and try a new route. It turned out to be outrageously hilly and much harder than I intended. Oh well.

So that was week 4. This week was a struggle since it rained pretty much every day. Greenville has pretty much been under a flash flood warning for the last 2 weeks, so we’re pretty much over this rain. I’m really hoping that this unusual amount of rain will stop so I don’t have to keep canceling workouts!

Sunday (7/14)
AM: Tri the Swamp Rabbit
PM: Body Step
I’ll get to the Tri the Swamp Rabbit recap later, but we’ll just say that it was another rainy day.  I know I had no business going to Body Step, but they were launching the new release and I reallly wanted to go before I left for a week. I took most of the low options. Then I went home to finish packing and headed to the airport. Headed to Halifax!

Monday (7/15)
AM: 3 mile easy run
PM: 2 mile walk
We landed in Halifax late, so I slept in without an alarm, but still woke up around 8. I was planning to make this a rest day, but the weather was so nice, so I grabbed my running shoes and ran 3 easy miles along the waterfront.  We drove to Bridgewater for work, and I took a short walk/hike after work since it was sunny. Seriously, we haven’t seen sunshine in weeks!


Tuesday (7/16)
PM: 7 mile run
I didn’t mean for this run to be quite so long, but I wanted to run into town (New Glasgow) and it was further than I realized. Again, the weather was beautiful, so I enjoyed myself. I also had the best seafood chowder ever. Probably.


Wednesday (7/17)
AM: 3 mile run
I knew I probably wouldn’t have time to workout later, so I did a hard 3 mile run before work.  After we left the plant, we drove back to Halifax for the night and just drank a lot of beer, so I was right about that. We also took a walk around town to do some shopping =)


Thursday (7/18)
PM: 5 mile run
It was raining in the morning, and I was a little tight on time since we had to drive out to the plant in the morning, so I just did 15 mins of ab work. After work, the sun was back out, so I decided to run out and back to Point Pleasant Park. It was a little bit too warm, so my pace was slow, but it was nice. I would also like to mention that I had some of the best wine I’ve ever had for dinner.  Dessert, actually. It was an ice wine, which I’d never tried before, and it was amazing. So amazing that I bought a bottle at the airport to take home. Mmmm….


Friday (7/19)
We flew home on Friday, and I napped the whole way home on the plane. I was definitely feeling the effects of eating too much, drinking too much, and staying out too late for 4 days and I crashed face-first into bed when I got home.

Saturday (7/20)
AM: 5 mile run, BodyPump
I really wanted to do a longer run today with my new running group, but after a week of abuse, my body was not having it. Combined with the high humidity, which I’d gone a week without, I was dying within a few miles. I cut out early and went back to my car, which left me with 5 miles. I decided to go to BodyPump since I hadn’t been in over a week, which went pretty well. Then I went home and napped for 4 hours. Yea, I was definitely still tired.

After looking at week 5, you wouldn’t be sure I was training for a triathlon! There were stationary bikes and YMCA pools that I was hoping to make use of while I was out of town. In reality, we were far too busy for me to be able to get those workouts in. We spent a lot of time in the car, plus time at work, meals, staying out late, etc….it just wasn’t happening. Luckily the weather was really nice in Nova Scotia all week, so I was able to do plenty of good running workouts, which were much better than I’ve been running! I know that a week off swimming won’t really hurt me, but I plan to hit the bike hard next week to get ready for Lake Logan in a few weeks!


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