Tri the Swamp Rabbit Recap

Well, this recap is a week late, but here it is.

I didn’t register for this race until the Wednesday before, the last day to sign up online. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do back to back race weekends, especially since I had to fly out to Nova Scotia later Sunday evening, but I eventually decided that another practice race would be good for me.

The morning started out cloudy but it looked like it was going to clear.



The transition area was set up in a grassy area outside of the pool, which led to grass getting everywhere.  I set up my stuff and went to go look for Katie.  As we waited for the race to start, the rain clouds started to roll in. Booo. It wasn’t looking good, but we prayed the rain would hold off, at least until the run!

Swim (250 yds):

This was another short pool swim. I am so ready to get into some races with some longer swims!  Unfortunately, this swim was a huge cluster and slowed me down substantially.  I got stuck in a group of swimmer that were stuck behind a woman who was ridiculously slow and we couldn’t get around her.  I had to swim breaststroke for probably a 50 while we were all trying to get around her. It got better when we finally got around her, but I was pretty aggravated by then. I even inflated my swim time for this race to keep this from happening, but apparently it didn’t help. 😡 Oh well. I was 2nd out of the water, and probably lost about 20 seconds. Final time 3:59

IMG_20130714_065053T1: I had a slightly better transition time for this race, which was surprising since I was covered in grass. I could have cut some time by leaving off my gloves, but I was so glad I had them on for this race when the rain started. 1:45

Bike (16 miles)

The rain started about 2 minutes into the bike course. Running in the rain is unpleasant, but not the worst. Biking in the rain is the worst. This was really disappointing because the bike course was great. It only had a few big hills and the scenery was beautiful, but it was hard to enjoy while I was getting pelted in the face with rain.  I had to watch the road very carefully since the roads were getting flooded, and I was nervous about crashing on some of the bigger downhills.  Even still, I really busted my butt on this ride and finished in 56:36, which is great for me.

Fullscreen capture 7202013 51944 PM

Rain Rain Go Away

T2: I was a little slow through this transition while trying to peel off wet clothes and get my running shoes (which were soaked) on. 1:35

Run (5K)

Eyes closed - in pain!

Eyes closed – in pain!

My run was pitiful. I guess I kind of did it to my self when I ran 8 miles, did Body Attack, and biked on Saturday, but still. It was not my day. I walked…a lot. I felt really disappointed in myself because I feel like I could do better but I was really struggling. It stopped raining for a few minutes, but came back full force about halfway through. Yuck. I finally finished in 32:15


My final time was 1:36:09. Not my best race, but I’m really proud of my bike leg. Katie and I ended up getting 2nd and 3rd in our age group…but there were only 3. Hah, oh well.

Overall, this was a good race, but I sure could have done without the rain! I was talking to some people who did it last year, and they said it was really really hot, so I guess I’m glad it wasn’t so hot. Also, the post race food was awesome – they had pizza =)

Next race is Lake Logan International. I’m excited to ramp up the distance!



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8 Responses to Tri the Swamp Rabbit Recap

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I think you did a great job considering the weather. Rain is never fun to bike in, running in the rain can be pretty fun but I can see how your run time was slower after both biking and swimming and with the soaked shoes. Good luck with your next tri!

    • Steph says:

      Haha, thanks. Personally, I hate running in the rain, but after biking in it…I don’t think I’ll complain anymore! Hopefully the weather around here will improve!

  2. mdrukarsh says:

    You did great! Too bad about the rain. My first tri was in the rain, and we had geese crossing the bike course! *L*
    How does a pool tri work? I’ve only done open water. Do they have lanes up or do you sort of go around the outside?

    • Steph says:

      Holy cow, geese? I hope they didn’t chase you. Those things are mean.

      For a pool swim you swim up and down the lanes, down one side, back on the other and you go under the lane line at the start end until you reach the “end”. In theory, you line up according to how fast you swim so no one gets stuck behind someone really slow, but it never seems to work out!

      • mdrukarsh says:

        Yea, geese! They are mean buggers! Thankfully I was on my last lap and only had to dodge a few before a whole gaggle invaded the race course.

        Wow, that sounds totally claustrophobic. The must be turning worse than a washing machine. I can’t imagine how badly you must get kicked around in there. I know open water can be more of a fight than a swim, the pool must be a battle field!

        You did well though! Way to survive!

  3. Oh my goodness. That biking in the rain picture looks miserable.

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