Half Ironman Week 6

Whew, thank goodness week 6 is over!  Not that I would wish my time away, but it was hard to get back into the swing of things after a week away from home.  After last week’s training of pretty much only running, I wanted to make sure to spend more time on the bike this week.  The week didn’t go exactly as I wanted, but I still got some great rides in which definitely boosted my confidence.  My running this week was also pretty good.  It makes me think that I’m starting to get my “running mojo” back after weeks of pitiful runs. Thank goodness!

Sunday, July 21:
AM: 44 mile bike ride

Wow, this was a bike ride! I met Katie up in TR again to ride out towards the Caesar’s Head area and it was killer.  It’s pretty hilly out there and there were a few bigger climbs, but it was still great.  I think we were both pretty much toast afterwards.  I had brunch with some friends after the ride at Mary Beth’s in downtown Greenville. I would definitely recommend this place if you’re ever in the area! The food was really good.

Monday, July 22: Semi-rest day
AM: 1800 m swim
PM: 5 mile bike

Oops! This was not how I intended this day to go, but my legs were still dead from Sunday’s ride, so I kept the morning swim really easy with a few build-to-spring 50s at the end.  I had planned to go to spin class after work, but it was sunny for once, so I took my bike out, thinking I would do 15 miles or so. But after the first lap, my legs hurt, so I called it quits for the day. I felt like a slacker, but it was probably the right thing to do.

Tuesday, July 23:
AM: 5 mile run
PM: CXWorx, BodyAttack

I did 5 miles with my running group with 1 minute walk breaks every mile and had the best run I’ve had in at least a month! This may be the secret to getting through this humidity.  I also did the new BodyAttack release and loved it.

Wednesday, July 24:
AM: Spin Class
PM: BodyCombat, CXWorx

I had enough time before work for once to hit a spin class in the morning, which is so much easier than doing it after work! I also did BodyCombat just for fun =)

Thursday, July 25:
AM: 3.5 mile run
PM: BodyPump, 1/2 BodyAttack

I had planned to do 5 miles Thursday morning, but one of the other girls in the group needed to do less to get to work early, so I joined her so she wouldn’t run alone.  This was fine since it meant I could get to work a little earlier too. After work, I did BodyPump and half of Attack, then went home to meet my mom! She is here to visit and I didn’t want to waste away the evening at the gym.

Friday, July 26:
AM: 3000 m swim, 18 mile bike

I took Friday off work, so I got up in the morning to swim in the long course pool, then hurried over to the SRT to ride my bike. I tried to keep the pace up on the bike, but there are a lot of road crossings on the trail, which slowed me down. I still managed to keep up a 16 mph average.

Saturday, July 27:
AM: 40 mile bike ride

One of my tri club teammates is training for her first Iroman and needed to 112 miles this weekend. I wasn’t about to ride that far, but she came up with a 3 loop ride from Donaldson to break it up so she could switch riding buddies (and hit the restrooms).  I joined for the first 40 miles. It’s a good thing I had plans to meet a group because it was raining when I got out there. Of course. Luckily it didn’t rain the whole time! This course was not as challenging as the one I did last weekend, but the pace we kept was faster. We averaged 16.7, which is probably the fastest I’ve ever ridden for that distance! Whew.

I feel pretty good about this week’s training, especially since I had some good, fast riding. Maybe this won’t be a total disaster after all!  The challenge for this next week will be to balance everything with a busy week at work and my mom visiting until the end of the week.  I want to make sure work doesn’t cut too much into my training time, and my training time doesn’t take over all the time with my mom! 2 months to go!


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2 Responses to Half Ironman Week 6

  1. Wow. You are killing it! 2 a day workouts and crazy long bike and swim distances too. Amazing job.

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