Triathlon Training Week 7

Another week down with 7 left to go until race day! I’m definitely starting to get a little nervous/excited as the weeks start winding down. Seven weeks means I have 5 training weeks left (with 2 for taper)!

I definitely went into this week a little tired off of the race at Lake Logan last weekend, but I knew I needed to push on through.  Unfortunately, the constant rain started up again this week after a week or so of reprieve, which meant a few missed outdoor workout, but oh well.

Sunday, Aug 4: REST
I thought I might get up and go for a run Sunday morning, but when I work up, I realized it was not happening. I was still really tired and my right hip was bothering me, so I decided to take another rest day in hopes that it would stop hurting.

Monday, Aug 5:
4000 m Swim
Good long swim this day with some longer distance and some race pace 400s. I wanted to get in a sprint pace 400 as well as practice for the Greenville Tri.

Tuesday, Aug 6:
AM: 5 mile run
PM: CXWorx, Attack
I was hoping to get a longer 8 mile run in this morning but got some digestive distress about halfway through our first 4 miles. And then it started raining. I stopped at the gym to get to the restroom but told the group to go on, then did another mile on the treadmill rather than going out into the dark (and rain) by myself. Fail, but at least it was 5 miles.

Wednesday, Aug 7:
PM: 15 mile bike, 1.5-ish mile open water swim
I needed to get to work on time today, so I cancelled a morning workout and did a short bike after work in Anderson. I’m not very familiar with the area, so I just did some laps of a 3-ish mile loop near my work. After that, I met up with some friends for an open water swim in Lake Hartwell (ewwww). We didn’t do any really hard swimming, but I helped them practice open water drills to get used to swimming in close proximity to other people

This was really interesting to me since it’s not really something that bothers me at all. Apparently this is a big reason why people panic during the swim; they’re not used to having other people swim close to/over them and they freak out.  I’m pretty used to it from my swim team days since we basically swam over top of each other all the time, but I can see why it would make someone nervous. It was kind of fun to run them over and grab at their feet.

Thursday, Aug 8:
AM: 4.5 mile run
PM: Spin, Body Pump
I really struggled on this morning run…I think it was extra humid. I had planned to bike in the evening, but it had rained all day and biking in the rain was just really unappealing this day, so I went to spin class instead. I wasn’t planning on staying for BodyPump, but my favorite instructor was teaching and she talked me into staying =)

Friday, Aug 9:
PM: 19 mile bike, 20 mins running
I met up with a friend (running buddy Meredith!) for an easy bike ride, then took off for a short 20 minute run to make it a brick workout. I felt really strong during the run, which was good since it was really hot.

Saturday, Aug 10:
AM: 11 mile run
UG, this run. I had a debate with myself over what I was going to do with this Saturday. The Greenville Tri was on Sunday (today), so I didn’t want to totally kill myself, but I didn’t want to waste the day either. There was a group doing 2 40-mile rides in the morning, so I thought about doing a run-bike-run workout, but I also wanted to focus on getting a long run in since I missed one last weekend. I finally decided to just suck it up and do the long run.

It was so humid. I started out pretty good, taking a minute break every 2 miles, then fell apart around mile 8. I’m glad I pushed through it, but it was sooo slow.

I also had to go shoe shopping on Saturday. I’m on my last pair of Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s, and I wanted to try on the Elixir 8 before I bought a pair since they will sometimes change up the shoe significantly. I love my current shoes, so I was really disappointed when I took the 8’s for a run around the block and found that they felt terrible.  The fit was not good and they were not nearly as supportive as the 7’s. Bummer!  The guys at Run In pulled out a few different pairs and I ended up with these:



These are Brooks’ Ravenna (4’s).  They’re a little heavier than my current shoe but they felt very supportive and will probably be better for long distance running than the lightweight Mizuno shoes. I’m planning on transitioning into these for my long runs and save my Elixirs for shorter weekday runs and shorter races. I’m bummed that I had to switch shoes but hopefully these will work out!

Do you find yourself switching shoe brands/types often or are you loyal to one shoe? Obviously, I have no brand loyalty since I buy whatever is on sale or fits the best.


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5 Responses to Triathlon Training Week 7

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    It looks like you had a great week of training.

    I’ve worn both the Ravenna’s and the Elixirs. I’m very partial toward the Elixir’s, but like you, haven’t tried the 8’s. I’m hoping that when I do they work for me, as Mizuno discontinued my beloved Wave Precisions :(. I don’t have brand loyalty really, just that Mizuno shoes have always seemed to work for me and that was my first “real” running shoe, so I’ve stuck with it. I’d try another brand if they fit well and I liked them, though! I’m thinking I will just shop online for the discontinued Precisions when I need another pair and buy them on sale, then when I’m close to running out of the shoes, I’ll find a new kind, haha.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      BTW, I noticed the Ravenna’s were heavier. Once I went to the super light shoes, even a little heavier was very noticeable once I started running in them.

    • Steph says:

      I hope they work for you! Though, it sounds like they’re planning to discontinue the Elixirs as well, which is disappointing. I searched everywhere online for the old Elixirs but all they have left is size 11 – not gonna work! I hate it when brands discontinue shoes =(

      Hopefully I don’t have too much trouble with the heavier shoes!

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