Triathlon Training Week ??

Whoops, I am officially way behind.  I’m not entirely sure what training week this is anyways.  The last few weeks have gone by so quickly, and the last thing I wanted to do was blog (especially since I could be sleeping), so I didn’t. I’ll try to catch up from last week at least…

Sunday, Aug 11: Greenville Triathlon
Wow, that feels like forever ago.  This was my last tri before the half ironman, so I’m pleased that it went well.

Monday, Aug 12: BodyPump
I planned to take the day off, but I wasn’t really tired, so I went to the gym.

Tuesday, Aug 13:
AM: Run 6-ish miles
PM: CXWorx, BodyAttack
I had to reset my Garmin before I could download this run, which was too bad since I think it was pretty good. I’m pretty sure we did 6.2 miles

Wednesday, Aug 14:
AM: Swim 1200 m?
PM: BodyPump, Spinning
I kind of screwed around Wed. morning getting the pool, so I didn’t get much swimming done. Then I went to the gym and slacked off in Spin class too. I guess this should have been the rest day since all the workouts I did were pretty half-assed. Eh.

Thursday, Aug 15: Rest
I decided to make this the rest day since I failed Wednesday. Lots of extra sleep time!

Friday, Aug 16:
AM: Run 12 miles
PM: Bike 20 miles
I didn’t have to be at work until late, so I took the opportunity to get my long run in before the weekend. The run wasn’t too bad, but it rained on and off the whole time.  After work, the sun came out (FOR ONCE), so I went on a short bike ride.

Saturday, Aug 17:
Michelin 5K (26:39)
40 mile bike ride
I ran this 5K last year, so there’s no real need to write a race review. I wasn’t planning to PR or anything since I have most decidedly not been training for a 5K PR, so I was pretty pleased to see a 26 on the clock when I finished. I didn’t want to totally kill myself since I had plans to meet up with a group to ride 40 miles right after the race. A hilly ride. My quads were sore for days!

Fullscreen capture 8172013 20147 PM


Sunday, Aug 18:
Swim 3000 m, BodyPump
I had planned to bike this morning, but when I woke up it was raining pretty hard. I didn’t have time to wait for it to clear since I had a bunch of cleaning and things to do, so I just planned to swim later on in the day since I had suck a lackluster swimming week.

One more week down!


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2 Responses to Triathlon Training Week ??

  1. Ha . I just read a post labeled marathon training week 5 and thought, “I have no clue what week I am in.” So glad I am not the only one feeling that way. It all blurs together.

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