Triathlon Training – 5 weeks to go!

I think I’ve finally hit the “mid-season” slump that some people experience when training for a big event – too far away from taper to be excited, but too far in to give up.  I definitely struggled with motivation through most of the week. All I wanted to do was sleeeeppp iinnnnn. But I dragged myself to most of the workouts and generally had a pretty good week. Hopefully the motivation side will pick up with only 3 weeks of hard training left to go!

Monday, Aug 19:
AM: 2000 m swim
PM: Spinning
I managed to use my 45 mins of morning gym time to get in a full 2000, finally. I did some sprint and IM work just to motivate myself to get some distance in since I needed to get my butt in gear in the pool this week.  I also had a really great spin class in the evening!

Tuesday, Aug 20:
AM: 6 mile run
PM: 18 mile bike ride
After last week’s cooler weather, it was really hard to get out and run this week! It’s still not really that hot compared to last summer, but I think a week of fall temps confused my body. I struggled through this run even though I ran the same pace as my (much easier) 6 miler last week. I also decided to ride today since it was my last chance to ride with my friend who completed her first Ironman on Sunday!

Wednesday, Aug 21: Rest
Unplanned rest day. I got up early to go swim, got in my car…and saw lightning. ARG! I moved most of my swims to the morning to avoid this exact thing. 😡 Oh well. Since I was up, I just went to work, thinking I would leave a little early to swim after work, but I was absolutely wiped out. I ended up just going home and going to bed, hah.

Thursday, Aug 22:
AM: 4 mile run
PM: CXWorx, Attack
Nothing too exciting. I also ended up going to the last Greenville Drive game of the season this night, so I planned to cancel Friday morning workouts so I could sleep in a little.

Friday, Aug 23:
BodyPump, BodyStep
I moved the Pump class I skipped on Wednesday to Friday, then stayed for Step just for fun. I hadn’t been in weeks! I wanted to swim in the morning, but definitely needed the extra sleep.

Saturday, Aug 24:
AM: 12 mile run
PM: 2 mile open water swim
I only planned to do…maybe…8 miles this past weekend, but I decided to meet up with my weekday running group since I needed to be done by 9.  They conned me into a few more =) Luckily the weather was really nice. I wrote up a mini-race report for the swim below.

Sunday, Aug 25:
45 mile bike ride
I was on my own for this ride so I picked a route that was fairly simple (out and back instead of a big loop).  It turned out that Old Laurens Road does indeed end eventually!  I came up short even after a ride around downtown Simpsonville and ended up feeling pretty silly riding around a parking lot to get that last mile in.

I needed to be done with a run early on Saturday so I could head to Lake Lure for the Dixie Zone 2-mile Open Water Swim Meet. I had seriously been looking forward to this even for weeks! It’s a part of another big “multisports festival” like Lake Logan with a triathlon, 10K run, 25K bike ride up Chimney Rock (no thanks!) and the US Masters hosting the 2 mile swim. This is up in the mountains, so of course it was beautiful:

PicMonkey Collage

The atmosphere at this event was really fun since there was so much going on. The triathlon was already complete by the time I got there (the swim was using the same timing chips so we had to wait for them to be done), and they were hosting a “junior olympiad” event – so cute.

So, the last 2 mile open water swim I’ve done was back in high school when I qualified for the Indiana state open water meet. I came in DFL. Very depressing. So my goal for this race was…to not be last, which is not an impressive goal, but I figured I could probably finish around 55 mins. Not super fast, but hopefully a fairly strong swim.

The course was a 1-mile loop (to be done twice, obviously).  The water temperature was somewhere around 73-74 degrees, so pretty much perfect for a long swim!  There were only about 120 swimmers, so it wasn’t too crowded either.

I had to stop once at the half-mile point to clean my goggles, unfortunately. They were so fogged up I couldn’t even see the buoys, which was really irritating. I planned to keep the first mile fairly easy, then pick up the pack during mile 2, but I ended up not really kicking it in until the last 0.5 mile. But that’s ok, because I wasn’t last!

I finished in 57:15, so not too far off my goal time. I finished pretty solidly in the middle of the pack (23/55 Female, 52/120 overall) and it was good enough to get me 3rd in my age group as well.

That’s it for last week! Happy Monday (maybe…)!


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5 Responses to Triathlon Training – 5 weeks to go!

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I guess it’s good to know I’m not the only person who was in a training slump last week- after all my marathon is the day before your tri. So you’re definitely right, we’re too far to turn back but not close enough to taper to feel like we’ve made it! Looks like your workouts went really well though, way to go on all the doubles and bricks, but I guess with a tri, you sorta have to.

  2. I used to always love doing Pump and Step back to back! Great workout! It is sooooo awesome that you swam 2 miles…that is mindblowing for me! Congrats on an age group finish.

  3. Wow. I just cannot wrap my head around your two a day workouts. So amazing. You are killing it.

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