Triathlon Training – Seriously, is it Taper Time Yet?

The last few weeks have definitely been tough. Most of it is probably due to the fact that I’m starting a new job on Monday, which has made the last few weeks at work really hectic.  That combined with a serious lack of motivation to get up for early morning workouts has left me dragging a little more than I would like.  I’ve put a priority on getting all my run and bike workouts in, which has left swimming behind a little more than I would like.  While I know this won’t make or break my race, it’s a little irritating since I know that’s where I can make up time for my much slower running on race day.

The good news is, starting tomorrow, I’m going from a ~35 mile drive to work needing to be there before 7 am to a 10 mile drive at 8 am. So I’m basically gaining over and hour and a half a day just by not driving so far.  I have absolutely no idea how it’s going to affect my training schedule, but I can’t imagine this will be a bad thing! It will definitely make it easier to hit up the post-work bike rides. It will also probably give me more time in the morning to do things normal people do…like take a shower and eat breakfast.

I’m a little nervous and scared. Even thought I’ve not changed companies, the whole thing has definitely caused a bit of emotional upheaval in my life since I don’t know what’s coming and it’s been pretty hard to leave my co-workers behind. The move is definitely the right thing to do for my career…I think. Hopefully.

Since I’ve been so busy, I’ve not kept track of my workouts very well.  Here’s what I’m pretty sure happened:

Swimming: ~10,000 m
I really only got 4 swim workouts in during the last 2 weeks, so nothing very impressive. The first week the pool I usually swim in was closed (annoying!!) and the Sportsclub pool was miserably hot. I could barely breathe, and when we propped the doors open to let some air in, some employees kept coming by and closing them again. >=( Not cool.

Biking: ~190 miles + 2 spin classes
Great weeks for biking.  I got in a big 52 mile ride last weekend, then I rode the Carolina Half course yesterday, followed by another 40 miles today. My biking legs are absolutely dead, but it was good. I’m glad I was able to get up to Charlotte to try out the course. It was hilly, but not anything worse than the hills here in Greenville.

Running: ~36 miles
So-so for running.  The last week in August was excessively hot and humid and miserable. One of the runs, I had to give up on running outside and finish the last 2 miles of a 4-miler on the treadmill. We did a 12 miler as well, but had planned for 14. It was just miserable outside (and we started at 5:30!) and when we reached the cars at 12.5 miles, we just decided to call it quits. I was completely soaked through with sweat. Ugg. This past week was a little bit cooler, thank goodness.

I also managed to get in a few BodyPump classes and CXWorx. I think I made it to Attack once or twice as well.

I’m hoping to pick up some extra running this week since I didn’t do a long run this weekend, and one last long run next weekend to kick off taper (!!!). I’ll probably keep it pretty hard through this week and next, then pull way back during the week before the race.  I’ve been doing some research on half-ironman taper, and there wasn’t that much good info, but it seems like a 7-10 day taper is best, so I’m going to shoot for 10 days.

3 weeks to race day!


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8 Responses to Triathlon Training – Seriously, is it Taper Time Yet?

  1. Victoria says:

    If you want, I can send you my workout log from the 3 weeks leading up to my last 70.3. Email me.

  2. mdrukarsh says:

    At the point, you are ready. Not saying to stop working out, but from this point on everything you do will just be keeping muscles loose, you really won’t gain much as far as speed or endurance in the three weeks you have left. That being said, you can certainly overwork yourself and cause damage. Enjoy the new position, settle in, workout when you can and try to reduce stress. After all, stress is the greatest enemy!

  3. Amy Lauren says:

    You train like a beast, and I’m kinda surprised you’re not tapering yet. My taper is starting- I’m done with the super long endurance runs and now just focusing on speed. But I guess it’s different in a tri, too. Hooray for the new job and less of a commute, I have to say working from home greatly affects my ability to get my workouts in, in a great way!

    • Steph says:

      Yes, I definitely think this will make workouts easier! It will just take some getting used to a new schedule. The taper is definitely different than a marathon taper, so savor yours! =)

  4. kilax says:

    Congrats on the new job and shorter commute! That will definitely help with the training blahs! (and maybe life blahs? being able to work from home definitely did that for me!)

  5. 3 weeks out? You are at taper time for sure. Good luck with your last long run.
    Hope having more time helps out.

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