One Day to the Carolina Half

Tomorrow I leave for Charlotte for the Carolina Half! So very excited and nervous. I’ve trained and tapered and all that’s left is to pack up and finish the race!

But first, a taper recap, in all it’s excitement:

Sept 16:

Sept 17:
AM: 4 mile run
PM: CXWorx

Sept 18:
PM: BodyPump
Reduced weight, last class before the race!

Sept 19:
AM: Swim (can’t remember how far?? 2800-ish?)
PM: 24 mile bike

Sept 20:
AM: Swim 3000-ish

Sept 21:
AM: 8 mile run
Man, it was humid this morning. I felt really good at first, but it got progressively harder for all of us and I couldn’t figure out why until I looked at the weather and it was 70+ and 95% humidity. SO OVER SUMMER.

Sept 22:
AM: 19 mile ride, 2 mile run

Sept 23:
AM: 2500 m swim
I had planned to go to yoga as well, but I didn’t want to get off the couch after work, so I didn’t. Oops.

Sept 24:
AM: 4 mile run
PM: CXWorx

Sept 25:
PM: BodyCombat
I was supposed to ride this day, but it was raining and I really didn’t want to drive out to the pool after work. I needed to do something, and this wasn’t very intense.

Sept 26:
AM: 3 mile run
PM: 14 mile ride

Sept 27:
AM: 1500 m swim

All I’ve got planned for tomorrow is a short spin on the bike just to make sure everything is working right and a shake out run, probably after I get to Charlotte. I’m still planning to ride my old road bike, so unless something terrible happens that’s the one I’ll be taking. I’m probably going to stop by the bike shop in the morning just to make sure.

The wetsuit is still a maybe. The water temperature yesterday was 76, which is a little on the warm side for wetsuits.  I’m planning to bring it, but I’m going to wait until race day to decide. If the water is too warm, I’ll be really miserable, no matter how much faster it makes me!

I haven’t packed at all yet, either, so I should probably do that. I’ve neurotically gone through all the event details to make sure I don’t forget anything important. I’ve a couple bags since it’s a point-to-point race, which means two transition areas.

Well, that’s kind of all I’ve got! =)


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2 Responses to One Day to the Carolina Half

  1. Victoria says:

    Have an AWESOME race – enjoy every last mile, you’ve worked for it!

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