What I’ve been up to lately

Well, I do still have a blog…

I’ve been feeling pretty lazy after the half ironman. I have all my training time back, plus all the extra time due to not commuting, so…I’ve been very social, except when I’ve been very sloth-like.

I really didn’t know how my body would react to a new race, so I didn’t plan anything for a few days after so I could lay in bed (when not at work) if I felt like it. I was really only sore for one day (Monday), then I felt pretty good on Tuesday. I did an easy swim, went for an easy bike ride on Wednesday, and found myself up early for my group run on Thursday. Oops.  I went reaaaallly slow, but I didn’t have pain anywhere and generally felt pretty good. Since I really needed to dive back into running to prepare for Savannah and Kiawah coming up, this was a good sign. I went ahead and planned a long run for Saturday.  I met with my group Saturday morning a little later than usual so we could run the Spinx half marathon course (which is awful, by the way).  It was a little warm, so it wasn’t a great run, but I still felt pretty good.

I got a fitting for my new bike that week too. YAY!

The day after my long run, I got sucked into doing the Saluda bakery ride with some friends. Not fast, but riding into the mountains is always challenging.  Food at the top is always a motivator.

indexI took last week pretty slow too, but I eased back into BodyPump and CXWorx with light weights and low options (PAIN) and another extra slow weekday run. Last Saturday, my running group planned to go to Charlotte to run the Rocktoberfest half marathon, since they’re tapering for the Atlanta Marathon next weekend. I had not planned to go, but they talked me into it, so I planned to run a few extra miles at the beginning to make it my long run. Again it was too warm, but I got through a slow 17 miles. I think my race time was like 2:29.

It was worth going, though since we hung out at the post-race part until they started taking everything down and we pretty much drank all the free beer we could get our hands on.

rocktoberfestOn Sunday, I went down to Anderson to volunteer at the Rev3 triathlon. I knew a few people who were racing, so I went early before my volunteer shift so I could cheer at the swim start.

IMG_20131013_070842 It was tons of fun. I was a lead bike on the run course, so after all the swimmer took off, I took the shuttle back to the transition area to wait for the first runners. I led the olympic race, so I was done pretty quickly and spent the rest of the day cheering on friends.

IMG_20131013_091232This week, I’m starting to get back in the swing of things with some faster (still short) runs and I’m looking at 19 miles for a long run this weekend.

That’s pretty much it! It’s been busy, but all’s good.


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2 Responses to What I’ve been up to lately

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog but WOAH! You are crazy busy lady, and I love it! Lookin forward to following through all the craziness 🙂

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