Still Running…

Yup, still here.

Nothing too terribly interesting around here, but I do have some races coming up fairly soon! At the beginning of this year (when I signed up for these races), I had some pretty big goals for them, especially since I planned to spend the summer focusing on running speedwork. That did not go as planned. Doing a half ironman this summer really didn’t enter my head until April, and I really didn’t decide to actually do it until June-July.

After that, my focus really has moved from running speed to triathlon, and I can’t seem to stop it.  Now that I’m seriously considering an Ironman as an option, that seems to sit in the front of my mind more often than my dreams of a sub-2 hour half marathon.

This is not been helped by my seriously sluggish running lately. It may just be because I’m tired and I need a break, but it hasn’t instilled me with much confidence for the two races I have in the coming months.

In fact, Rock and Roll Savannah is a week from tomorrow!  While I’m certainly ready to finish 13.1 miles with no problem, I don’t feel super confident about my speed. I’ve been struggling with the paces I want to hit on my short runs and my long runs are….slow. Since I’ve been running marathon distances, I’ve just been focused on hitting the long distance and not so much on pace.  Three weeks ago, I got in a pretty decent 17 miler on some serious hills, then the week after I went for 19, but didn’t quite get there. My legs felt like lead from the get-go and then I forgot to bring my fuel out with me because I apparently forgot how to train! I had some friends tag-team the run with me so I wouldn’t have to go by myself, and when I got back to one of the cars at ~17.5, I called it quits and had her take me back to my car. So, pretty close, but it was just such an awful feeling run.  I had some decent 4-5 mile runs the following week and a pretty good 20 miler this past weekend, but this week I’ve just been dead. Hopefully a short taper will improve that!

So my plan is to do a shorter run (7-ish miles) this weekend, then hopefully run a PR at Savannah, which means 2:06 or less. I don’t think a sub-2 is in the cards for this race, but a PR seems possible. If nothing else, it will be an amazingly flat and scenic run!

After that race, I plan to take an easy week, then tackle two more hard weeks of marathon training before it will be time to taper for Kiawah. Thanksgiving weekend is in there, which means I’ll probably be freezing my feet off in Indiana for a long run. I actually feel pretty good about Kiawah, as far as a PR goes. Considering my last marathon was in hilly Nashville in the pouring rain…there’s pretty much no reason I won’t and I’ve already got a decent 20 miler in. A 4:45 seems reasonable, but it’s hard to say since I’ve yet to run a flat marathon. We will see, but I don’t think that finishing will be an issue as long as nothing terrible happens between now and then!

I’ve been keeping up with a little bit of swimming and biking as well, since I’m already starting to consider a big spring triathlon, but I haven’t made any decisions on that yet, so we’ll see!

Anyone else have any good races coming up? Or will you maybe be at Savannah or Kiawah and want to say hi? =)


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7 Responses to Still Running…

  1. So excited about the half! Can’t wait for your recap!!

  2. Everything you’re feeling is normal! You will run great, trust in your training! Long runs are supposed to be MUCH slower than your marathon or half pace, usually 60-90sec per mile slower.Can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

  3. I’ll be at both Savannah & Kiawah – I am using them each as training half so I will be running, but not racing. I hope you meet your PR goals.

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