What’s Next?

Crazy as it seems, it’s already time to start looking at races for next year. Seriously, what even happened to this year? I think during a summer of triathlon-induced crazy, I lost track of time and now it’s practically Christmas.

It’s hard not to get too far ahead of myself, since I do still have a marathon this year. Speaking of which, I signed up for way back in December 2012. It feels like that was 2 weeks ago. It’s now just 4 weeks away. While I still have a few big training weeks left in preparation for Kiawah, I kind of feel like most of the hard work for it is done and now I can just enjoy the ride out to the race. I’m never going to be a particularly fast marathoner, and there’s basically no reason to not PR since Kiawah is flat as a pancake. Unless, of course, it rains, and then I might cry a little since running another marathon in the rain sounds incredibly unappealing. But hopefully it will look like this again, and all will be wonderful.


SO. What then? Well, first, I’m pretty much just going to take the rest of the month of December off. Not saying that I won’t work out at all (because it will be Christmas and I will gain 20 lbs), but it will probably just be whatever strikes me as fun for the day. Probably this means some swimming, some group X, and maybe some running if it’s not to cold while I’m in Indiana. This is kind of a huge relief because trying to train through the holidays is a pain with last minute shopping, travelling, eating, whatever.

And then it will be January, which is somehow already a totally full month! I’m hoping to start out the year with a good old 5K. I don’t race a lot of them, mostly because I’m usually too busy training for something longer and it seems like a lot of hassle for just a training run. Right now I’m looking at either the Resolution Run or the Run Downtown 5K.  I’m just waiting to see what the Resolution Run course will be since they are apparently changing it to be less difficult (which is great, because I did the half this year and it was BRUTAL). After that, I have the Annual Sunbelt Championships swim meet that I’ve been told I *have* to join in for. So I’ll probably be doing at least some relays with the Greenville Splash and who knows what else. I have some mixed feelings about racing swimming again, but it should be fun.

The next weekend is the Tybee Island Half Marathon, which I have a trip with some friends planned. There are some other race distance options available, and I’m really tempted by the 10K. I’ve only done 3 10K’s, all of them on some pretty hilly courses, so I like the idea of doing a flat 10K. I’m not sure that I could be ready for a good half marathon by then anyways. I am looking at the GHS Half again to try my hand again for a half marathon PR. It’s a good race, the timing works, and I did really fantastic this year.

After that, it will be time again for triathlons! The season here in the south is pretty long thanks to the warmer weather, so there are races starting as early as March.  I’d like to get one in early if I can since I’d like to do two 70.3 races next year. Right now, my top two choices are TryCharleston in April and Beach2Battleship in the fall.  I’m dying to do Augusta, but a few friends and I have a little trip to make that same weekend.

Since apparently the only (non-stressful) way to get into an Ironman event is to volunteer, we are going to volunteer at IM Chattanooga in September and get registered for 2015! The race is nearly 2 years away and I’m still excited about it. Barring some crazy injury or life event, I will be registering for and racing IMTN 2015.

No doubt, I have a lot of work to do before I get there, but I can’t wait.

So that’s where I’m headed. I’ll probably do a few shorter local triathlons during the summer as well. I had qualified for AG Nationals in Milwaukee, but between the travel time and the cost, it’s not very practical. I also don’t have any marathons planned for next year. I’d like to focus on running faster without having all the pressure of marathon training on me.

So there’s that. =)


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3 Responses to What’s Next?

  1. Victoria says:

    Very solid plan – my boyfriend is probably doing the B2B half, see you there!

  2. My plan is to volunteer Chattanooga as well and register for the 2015 race. See you there!

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