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Yes, I’m going to do a year end recap because I have no interesting content to add from the last two weeks. Seriously, I’ve done basically nothing. I took a solid week off of any substantial exercise after finishing Kiawah (just some easy swimming). I went home to Indiana for Christmas and continued my no running streak and it was glorious. Then I got Skyrim for Christmas and it’s all I can do to not play 24/7 because I love that game. While it will be soon time to get back to real life (and stop playing video games), I’m going to enjoy lazy time while it lasts.

So what did I accomplish this year?  Well, I wrote some goal back in January, which is stupid because I’ve always found year-long goals pretty useless. When I decide to do something, I don’t putz around until the start of a new year to do it; I just do it. But I jumped on the bandwagon this past year and paid attention to them for all of like 3 months. But I can at least look and see what I had intended to do.

-13 in 2013…yea that didn’t happen. I started out the year thinking this would be a fun way to help me improve at running since it’s not exactly my strongest sport, then the day I decided to sign up for my first 70.3, I said “forget it”…and forgot about it. Priorities change. I think I did 6 half marathons races this year, including the 70.3, which is still a lot.

-2 hour half marathon. Again, didn’t happen, but not to say I didn’t come a whole lot closer. I dropped from a 2:32 in April 2012 to a 2:10 at Kiawah last December, and then took another 4 minutes off out of nowhere in March and I’m just pretty damn pleased about that. While I trained hard in running this summer, I just didn’t have it in me to take another 6 minutes off.

-More marathons. I tackled 2 this year. I signed up for both of them before I decided to dive back in (literally?) to triathlon and I spent the last 2 months wishing I hadn’t picked Kiawah.  I went to Nashville in April and ran 26.2 in 4 hours and 55 minutes of torrential downpour then was miserable in Kiawah for 5:13. I’m not completely finished with marathons…but we need a break. Something about how I’m training is not quite right and I need to sort that out before I try again.

->1 hour 10K.  This was great. I only did one, but that one was enough.  And I definitely rode the high of two big PRs in two weeks (Reedy River Run and GHS Half) for a good while because it just feels good to do well!  I ran the Reedy River 10K in 2012 and it was terrible. I gave it everything I had (and negative split the race) and finished in just over 55 minutes.

-Replicate the 25 minute 5K (to make sure it was for real, haha). I ran all of 1 stand-alone 5K this year. It was in August – so hot, humid, and not a race I was planning to go all out on since we rode 40 miles afterwards. I finished in 26:42 – pretty close!

-Triathlons. I was thinking at the beginning of this year I would do a few sprint triathlons to get back into the sport (I did none in 2012 to focus on the Spinx Marathon), with a “someday” goal of doing a 70.3.  While I was wrapping up training for my second marathon on vacation with my family, I mentioned that “someday” to my dad and he told me he thought I could make that happen now. I got to thinking…then I “hemmed” and “hawed” over it for a month or so…then decided to make that “someday” today. I took forever to pick a race that was far enough away to train for without being too close to my (already paid for) running races. I also had some issues picking races due to some uncertainty in my professional life, but that was sorted out at the beginning of the summer. I picked a brand new race just north of Charlotte and made “someday” my reality. I trained for a 70.3 while working full time commuting 70 miles a day and it was exhausting and fantastic and the race was everything I hoped it could be. I also completed my first Olympic distance triathlon and had some good sprint races.

Some other highlights:
-I rode with clipless pedals for the first time, then a few months later, upgraded to a brand new bike. I love it so much and can’t hardly wait to race on it. Also, something really clicked with cycling this year. Two years ago, it was definitely the most hated of the 3, but I would not say that today. I think it has a lot to do with me being a lot fitter, and therefore able to tackle the hills where two years ago, I thought I would die =)

-On that note, I did my first bakery ride.  This is kind of a local thing where we ride up into the mountains to a bakery in one of the small towns up there. It was way more fun than I expected and not too terribly hard.

-Started a new job (in the same company)! While not fitness-related, it certainly has had a significant impact on how I manage my time!

-Swam 2 miles open water for the first time since high school. I have no record of how fast I swam it back then, so no comparison, but it was fun.

It was a good year =)


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