Run Like a Diva Half Marathon

Back in business!

This past weekend, I ran the Run Like a Diva half marathon in North Myrtle Beach. Normally, this isn’t really my style of race – not really a girly girl, but the girls in my running group wanted to do this together and talked me into it. Plus…it was Myrtle Beach.

This was not supposed to be my first half marathon of the year, but after a hip injury left me semi-sidelined for the better part of 2 months, this was the first one I was able to actually train for.  Luckily, the hip pain is all but gone now, but it had not allowed me to train in the way I would have wanted to for a PR. So I planned to run for fun and enjoy the beach weekend. Luckily, we all felt the same way and spent the day Saturday on the beach =)


Like the rest of the US, it has been unseasonably cold in South Carolina this winter which means most of my long runs were done in weather under 50 degrees (most closer to 30), so when I got to the start line this past Sunday and it was 70…well, I knew a PR (or even close) would be out of the question. I’m such a wimp in the heat. I planned to run an easy long-run pace and get plenty of water until about half-way, then adjust my speed from there.


This probably would have been ok…except for the multiple bathroom stops in the first 6 miles. I started out ahead of the rest of my group, then they passed me while I was making visits to the port-a-potties. I caught back up to one of them around mile 6 and she was having a rough time, so I decided to stick with her for the rest of the race.

By this point it was pretty warm, so we just focused on getting from one water stop to the next and enjoy the shady parts as much as possible.

Well, at least it *looks* like I'm having fun

Well, at least it *looks* like I’m having fun

We caught up to one of our other runners just past mile 12 (never found the last one – apparently she had stepped off course to stretch and finished not far behind us), so we hung on to each other and ran for the finish. It was a hot, sweaty mess. Ug.

But they gave me alcohol at the end

But they gave me alcohol at the end

The only thing that I was really displeased about at this race was that at the finish, they forced the chute through a line that was for pictures. As hot as it was, I just wanted a banana and some water and so we found a way out of the line. This was apparently wrong because then they wouldn’t let us into the area where there was water. It’s pretty tacky to force people through a line for pictures that you have to PAY FOR before you can get water post race. Hopefully they fix that for future races because there were a lot people complaining about it.

Other than that, this was a pretty good race. The course was very nice (and flat) and reasonably well shaded. The weather at this time of year is a crap-shoot, so you can’t do much about that. The expo was no-hassle and the race shirts are nice (though pink). Also, North Myrtle Beach is a great place to visit, so unless you’re just totally opposed to “women’s-only” events, this is a pretty good one!


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4 Responses to Run Like a Diva Half Marathon

  1. Andrea says:

    Sounds like a fun race! I would have definitely struggled with the heat. When I finished my half two weeks ago it was mid 60s and I was so hot. All I wanted was water so I can only imagine how frustrating the end of the race was.

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    I had a lot of friends who did this race and no one else mentioned having to wait in a picture line before you could get water but that is really whack! Can’t they just take the pictures as you cross the line and then let you take the pay-for pictures if you want them? I never take those kinds of pictures bc I never buy em so no use to bother ya know? It sounds like you had fun and I agree, it is hard getting used to the heat with the chilly winter we had here (not that SC weather is ever really cold, but it seems like it got hot all of a sudden which makes it harder, we didn’t really have a Spring).

    • Steph says:

      Maybe it depended on when we hit the finish? We were pretty solidly in the middle so there were a ton of people in the chute. Who knows?

      Seriously, what happened to spring?

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