Clemson Sprint Triathlon

Ok, the Clemson Tri was last weekend. This is a super popular race in the area, and while I wasn’t really dying to put yet another race in May  (5 weekends in a row!!), everyone was going to be there, so I joined. This is also a race that my tri club supports, so we all try to go.

I went down with some friends the night before to have a “ladies night” and stay at a lakehouse on Hartwell. This was pretty nice since it’s a pretty good haul down to Clemson from Greenville. My goal for this race was to just have fun since I kind of overbooked myself on races! Don’t need to totally kill myself….

Swim (750-ish):

Another buoy mishap! The swim course was supposed to be 750 m in Lake Hartwell, with 2 turn buoys and 4 sight buoys. Apparently, the second turn buoy came loose from whatever it was anchored to and started floating away!

Fullscreen capture 5172014 60048 PM

It’s unclear at what point it came loose, but I did notice that the sight buoy was way off line with the turn buoy when I went around it – and they should have been in line. Apparently it got much worse for the last 2 waves and the kayakers just had to have people turn around at the first buoy and head back (rather than chase down the rouge buoy). Anyways, it was not much further for me. I just didn’t feel great, again, probably because I’ve been slacking off pretty hard on my swim workouts. Time to get it together!!

The swim includes a long-ish run up to transition, but I glanced at my watch when I got out and saw 13:xx, so not great. I didn’t wear a wetsuit because the water temp was 74 and I really just didn’t want to deal with the dumb thing.


Time: 14:40 (18/100 Overall, 3/13 AG)

T1: Not bad since I skipped the wetsuit. 1:32

BIKE (11 miles):

The bike course is just rolling. Nothing too difficult, but hard to get too comfortable in aero. I spent most of the bike ride passing back and forth with a girl in my age group – we actually finished right at the same time. It was pretty fun to race her. I obviously have some weight on her because I was killing her on the downhills (PHYSICS FTW). Plus, I only had one car try to kill me (dangerous passing, people, STOP), so that wasn’t too bad.

Time: 37:22 (39/100 Overall, 3/13 AG)

RUN (5K):

This is a pretty tough run. It starts out with a nice long downhill. Guess what? You get to run back up at the end. Yay. There is also a really steep hill leading up to the Clemson Rowing parking lot (I walked). Even with the little bit of walking, I had a pretty good run and just managed to hold off the girl who came in 3rd in my age group.

Time: 28:55 (66/100 Overall, 9/13 AG)

Overall Time: 1:23:46 (34/100 Overall, 2/13 AG)

I got 2nd place by 2 whole seconds. I knew there was a girl coming up behind me right at the finish, so I picked it up to make sure she didn’t beat me, though I didn’t know if she was in my age group or not. Good thing I did!


The girl in 1st was the one I raced bikes with, but I couldn’t even touch her on the run.

Anyways, I had a good time and a good race last weekend! Definitely a race worth doing!


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4 Responses to Clemson Sprint Triathlon

  1. Wow. I don’t know much about swimming or biking, but that is an amazing 5K time especially after all the work you had already done.

  2. kilax says:

    Woo hoo! Congrats on 2nd in your AG! Was the third girl mad she couldn’t get you and didn’t go to the podium? LOL! JK!

    Oh gosh. What happened with the car?

    Hee hee, I was thinking about how my weight helped me in the downhills on my duathlon! But everyone caught back up on the straight aways 😉

    I am giggling that the map says “FREEDOM!” on it.

    • Steph says:

      Haha, thanks! I never saw the 3rd place girl, so who knows? I would be bummed about a 2 second loss, though lol.

      Unfortunately, even during races, people in cars don’t follow safe passing distance >=( Oh well.

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