Muncie 70.3 Pre-Race

And just like that, we’re less than one week away from my second 70.3. Crap.  I think I’m less nervous about the race distance (now that I know I can do it, at least) but still having some minor freakouts about the weather and the fact that I spent two weeks in France basically doing nothing – except eating.

I picked this race because of it’s proximity to my parent’s house. I haven’t seen them since Christmas so I’m really, really excited to go visit. So even if everything else goes wrong, this will be a successful trip. For now, I have to focus on packing (ALL THE THINGS) and mentally preparing myself for a nine hour drive home.

So, let’s talk about the race.  I do have some goals this time since I would certainly like to be faster than my last race (6:36).

The swim will probably not be wetsuit legal. For me this is NBD since I don’t much like wearing it and it’s pretty unclear how much it actually helps me out. I’m planning to pack it just in case because the forecast for the next few days is pretty chilly overnight, but I’m not planning for it.  My swim training hasn’t been anything special so I’m not expecting anything amazing, but I think somewhere between 29-33 mins is reasonable. If I’m slower than 35, I’ll probably be irritated. I guess it depends on how well I manage the start with a big group (since this is my first “big” triathlon). This should be fine, though.

The bike is where I’m hoping to really show my training. I’ve been training hard on the bike – lots of intervals, lots of sprints, lots and lots of climing and lots of miles. The course will be really, really (really, really) flat.  The official course map shows around 500 ft and I know it’s not usually very accurate so I searched the internet, but still couldn’t find anything more than 700 ft. Considering we hit 900 ft on a 15 mile ride last night….I would consider this “pancake-flat”.  I read some race reports that said there were hills, but I don’t believe it. There are no hills in central Indiana ;).

Do you even hill train, bro?

Do you even hill train, bro?

Anyways, based on the ride I did at Safe Harbor a little over a month ago, I know I can hold 17+ mph for the distance. I think I can probably go even faster than that on this flat course. I think a goal of 3 hours (18.7 mph) is doable for me. I’m going to shoot for it because I’m pretty sure the run is going to be really rough matter what – so I should at least have good bike split.

Then the run. Oh boy.  I am not at all comfortable with my distance running right now. It’s been pretty pitiful, especially since I returned from France. I tried to do 10 miles the weekend I returned, but my hamstrings were so sore and tight from BodyPump the day before (BIG MISTAKE) that I could barely walk and just managed to get through 6.5 super slow miles.  I tried for 10 again last weekend and was utterly unmotivated. I dragged a friend with me and we managed to get through 8, but it was slow going.  I’ve got some pretty good speed on my weekday runs but no endurance at all. The only thing I have going for me is that it has been hella hot here in SC and it will be slightly less hella hot in Indiana. This probably won’t help all that much, but….it’s too late now to do anything about it. So I’m going to do my best and get across the finish line standing up.  If I can do it in 2:30, I’ll just be tickled. Frustrating, because I thought I would be better than this after training, but again, too late now.

So, hoping for the best! Just crossing my fingers for some reasonable weather (and no thunderstorms!!).


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2 Responses to Muncie 70.3 Pre-Race

  1. Victoria says:

    Ha, I think some people don’t understand “scale” so they look at the published profile and are like ZOMG HILLZ. But for real, you can make the IMFL and Eagleman courses look hilly if you make the scale of the Y axis 20 feet. Morons.

    Have a great race!

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