Asheville Marathon – March 15th!


Ok, so I’ve been selected to be an ambassador for the Asheville Marathon (or half) at Biltmore Estate. This was totally unexpected, but I’m still pretty excited about it since I was pretty seriously considering doing this race anyways based on some rave reviews from a friend who did it last year. The timing is good, Biltmore is BEAUTIFUL, and it’s not too hilly.

Seriously, this is good stuff

Seriously, this is good stuff

This event has sold out the last 2 years since it’s limited to 1300 participants. The good news is, I can give you a discount code good through September 15th for $20 off the full/$10 off the half!


In an effort of full disclosure, I do get a free race entry for this (though I had to get one referral to claim it – so I bugged my running buddies first). If I get 10, I’ll be able to give away another entry which would be pretty exciting for someone.

So, if you do decide to use the discount code, do me a huge favor and let me know that you did since I have to track them myself – the code is not unique to me. =)

For $20 off the full marathon: AMAFULLMARATHON
For $10 off the half marathon: AMAHALFMARATHON

The codes go in at the end of the check out process – registration is from the race site here.

I hope you come run with me!


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3 Responses to Asheville Marathon – March 15th!

  1. jenchall says:

    If only running didn’t suck 😉

  2. That’s so awesome that you get to be an ambassador! I went to Biltmore for the first time a few months ago and decided I definitely wanted to run the race there. I sure wish I knew about the ambassador program!
    I have a friend who might run it with me, if we decide to, we’ll use your code and I’ll make sure to let you know!

    • Steph says:

      Awesome! It’s a neat opportunity for me – was really surprised since I’ve never done the race (and you’ll know for next year). Biltmore is great and I’m so excited. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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