More than One 5K

So one of my goals for this year was to do more than 1 5k during the year (I only did one last year). I happen to like 5Ks, but I hate spending $25+ on a race that won’t take me any more than 30 minutes (usually) so I try to choose races that are fundraising for a non-profit (or a corporate shield event, which are just cheap).

I signed up for the Doodle Trail 5k, which was raising money for a rail-to-trail project in Easley – don’t ask me why they picked a ridiculous name.  But on the morning of the race, I woke up, got ready to go….then put my PJs back on and went back to sleep. Apparently I had a serious case of the unmotivated that day, but whatever.

Not quite two weeks ago was the Leftovers Prediction 5K. I knew I would drag myself to this evening race since I’d been wanted to run it for the last few years and it just didn’t fit into my schedule for one reason or another.  This is a fun little event with the Greenville Track Club where they use leftover bibs and t-shirts from other races over the last year and you predict the time you’ll run.  No watches allowed, and they use a different course every year so there’s no practicing before the race! This was also my first trail race because it is so not my thing, but the trails were well kept and pretty flat so it was a nice change of scenery.  It was 90 degrees that evening (even at 7 pm!) so running in the shade was definitely welcome. I didn’t have a great run, nor was I very close to the time that I predicted, but it was a good time – and there was a FroYo truck post run =)


This past weekend was the Michelin 5K, which I do pretty much every year since it’s free for me.  They changed the course a tiny bit this year to move the start/finish line closer to Lost Swamp Rd., but other than that, same old stuff. I didn’t have a great run again and had to stop and tie my shoe < a half mile from the finish, but I felt pretty strong the whole time, so it seems like I’m still headed in the right direction. Slow, but getting better. After the race, a few of us changed and headed out for an easy 30 mile ride.

Some other stuff that’s been going on…last week I took a few days off running because side of my lower left leg was really hurting. It was probably a case of too much/too fast but it felt fine by Saturday and it feels fine today, so that’s good news.

The last few Saturdays, Greenville Splash has been doing open water swim out at Lake Jocassee. I haven’t been able to go, but this weekend they went up to Lake Wylie in Rock Hill for a swim with another group and they dragged me along.  It ended up being pretty fun – apparently this group swims every Sunday morning in the summer with kayak support and everything so it’s pretty well organized.  I did a 5k swim – a few others who are training for a 10k swim did a full 4 miles.  Did you know there are leeches in Lake Wylie. Gross. #ewewewwwww


I also ended up buying one of these buoy things from the “coach”.  She had them for all of us to borrow, but I liked the idea of having the extra safety feature (will especially be good for Hartwell swims when we can’t find kayakers).  Plus you can store stuff in there, like water or a Garmin (I put my Forerunner in it and it actually worked pretty well). They’re a little expensive at $40 but it’s probably a smart thing to have for OWS.


So what’s next?  It’s about an month and a half out from Rev3 Anderson. Next weekend is the Flight of the Dove – a metric century down in Clinton, SC. It’s really just a supported training ride, but it’s for charity so that’s cool by me.  Langely Pond Intl tri is the next weekend, followed by some vacationing with my family! I also signed up for an Intl distance Aquabike race in September for funsies. Then it’s Chattanooga weekend – I’ll be volunteering in the women’s changing tent! I’m really looking forward to the next few months, but hate to see tri season wrap up so soon. I feel like it always goes by so quickly – and it’s definitely longer here in SC!

That’s it for me. Anything exciting to share?


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2 Responses to More than One 5K

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I’d totally go for any 5K that had a froyo truck, seriously! My friend traveled there for that Doodle Trail run because she knows the organizer or something. I like running 5Ks but I’ll only do them locally, I wouldn’t drive more than maybe 30-45 minutes for one (I have to drive almost 30 minutes to anything here so I’m used to it). I think 5Ks are really great for longer distance runners to use as tempo runs too, but yeah it is a little much to pay for a training run.

    That predictor run reminds me of our recycling race here, they have shirts and bibs from previous races 🙂

    • Steph says:

      Oh nice! It looks like they’re getting started on building the trail, so that’s pretty cool. Def agree that’s an expensive tempo – though it definitely helps with motivation, hah.

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