Some Stuff I’ve been Doing

So it’s been a few weeks and I’ve certainly done more than putz around my apartment, though it hasn’t been that exciting.  Work’s been a little slow (because all of our European friends take the month of August off, I hate them) and that kind of brings my entire motivation level down a notch so it’s been pretty dull. My running…terrible. My biking…slacking off. I’ve been swimming pretty hard, but I can really only thank the team for dragging my lazy butt out to the pool because otherwise I would be seriously tempted to sleep in.  This would generally not be a big deal, but Rev3 Anderson is now about a month away and I’m seriously considering seeing if I can switch to the Olympic race. I’m a little overbooked and I think if I could take some of the pressure off on getting those 50+ mile bike rides in, I might be able to focus a bit more on running and really nail down a good Oly – which I feel that I really haven’t done yet. It would also be nice to not have to rush building mileage for a half marathon so I actually have a chance at doing ok at RnR Savannah in November. I haven’t made a decision for sure, but it’s a very tempting option right now.

Despite these somewhat negative thoughts, I have been productive!

-OWS out at Lake Jocassee – it’s much nicer than the lake in Rock Hill. So clear you can see the bottom and nice and cool.  It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s worth

-Flight of the Dove charity ride.  I swear the gates of Hell are in Clinton, SC because it was so hot I was sure I would melt. I needed to get a run in, so I ran 6 miles in the early AM, then rushed down to Clinton for the ride and ended up starting 20 minutes late.  It took me 40 miles to catch up with my friends averaging 18+ mph.  I finally caught up at the mile 40 aid station, realized I was hot, sweaty and dehydrated and that speed dropped to like…14 mph. DEAD.  The ride was supposed to be 62 miles, but there was a shortcut that I took to make it only 50 miles.  Other than the heat, this was an excellent ride, though.  It’s pretty flat (~1400 ft of elevation gain) and the scenery is nice. Great cause as well – Hospice of Laurens County.

-Paid off my car – SUCCESS

-Did my first ever Fantasy Football draft – not interesting, but fun. I’m relatively knowledgeable about football, but I have no clue how fantasy works and it’s terrible.  I’m destroying everyone in week 1 though.

-Langely Pond International Tri – more on that later

-Went on vacation. It was awesome and I did nothing. I did some running and biking, but nothing hard and it was extra muggy in Charleston. We did a mini tour culinary tour of Charleston, and by that I mean we went to a bunch of the places featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and they were delicious and amazing.

-Going away party for our Team USA athletes going to China! I’ve been training with my friend Elizabeth, who is competing at the ITU Worlds in China next week, and Pedal Chic threw a going away party for her and the other triathlete going from Greenville. It’s an exciting opportunity for both of them, so it was really nice of Pedal Chic to host the party.

-I’ve been talking with a triathlon coach (someone local) to potentially work out a plan for next year to do some run-only coaching within the triathlon season. It’s partly because I don’t need/want swim and bike coaching, and also because it’s expensive and don’t have room in my budget for full time triathlon coach. But I’m tired of running like crap and need help. So we’re going to meet later in October to talk about it. Either way, next year, something has to change because I can’t keep running like this.

Unfortunately, now it’s back to reality which means it’s also time to quit slacking and start training like I’m actually going to do thia race.

Also, don’t forget about the discount codes for the Asheville Marathon!  They are good for a few more days(Sept 15)!


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2 Responses to Some Stuff I’ve been Doing

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I’ve been to a few DDD restaurants here… Hominy Grill, Early Bird Diner, Page’s, Glass Onion, I think all of those were on there. Early Bird is good, but generally we have our favorite places and some of them were never on the show just because they’re not super trendy even if the food is good. It looks like you’ve been really active and productive with swimming and tri-ing, especially with getting a coach. Maybe just a few sessions might even help?

    I am doing Fantasy Football this year too and know very little but I’m figuring it out as I go along.

    • Steph says:

      Can’t go wrong with food in Charleston! Everything is so good. Hopefully you get FF figured out!! I’m still very confused, but I won in the first week!

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