Langley Pond Triathlon

I didn’t have any initial desire to do this race this year.  It’s not close to Greenville (2+ hours away), it’s in the middle of the hottest part of the year (UG), and I don’t care about SCTS season points.  You have to do 5 races to win anything and even though I’m winning, I can never get to 5 races so I don’t care.  But, I have friends who do and they dragged me down there, so oh well. I guess it was a fun kick-off to my vacation.

The race is in Aiken, SC which is not close to….anything. It’s probably halfway between Columbia and Augusta – party city, right there. There’s a sprint and international distance race so you can suffer in the heat at your own discretion. I should’ve picked the sprint….

The one big mistake I made was not having enough for breakfast. The hotel had set out the cold foods for us (bagels, cereal, etc), so I did eat, but halfway through the bike I was really, really hungry. I ate a whole pack of chews during the bike and 2 gels during the run and they really just didn’t cut it. So that wasn’t great, but it was my own fault.

SWIM (1500 m):
The swim was in Langley Pond, which you can guess by it’s name is small so the water was pretty nasty warm. The swim was originally supposed to be 1 lap, but they changed it on race-day to be 2 laps of the sprint course. I’m not sure when they sent off the sprint folks, but it was well after I had started my second lap.

This was a small race (maybe 120 people in the Intl) so everyone except the open folks, relays and aquabikes were in one wave. I appreciated this since it meant that I didn’t have to contend with a pack of slow-moving dudes halfway through the swim.  I was able to pull ahead pretty quickly and had some nice open (dude-free) water for most of the swim. I did pass a few people from the open wave and lapped a few from my own wave. I was definitely the first female out, but I think I was also the first age-grouper out because I never saw any one else out there near me.

Time: 25:34 (1/5 AG, 1/37 Overall)

T1: 3:19 – Ok, don’t judge me too much. Most of this was a run over gravel to the TA and most people were 2:30+ in T1.

BIKE (24 miles):
I had a pretty miserable slow bike split. Between the hunger, the hills, and my poor bike training of late, I just did not bike very aggressively so I’m not sure what I expected!  The course is 2 laps – 3 miles flat, 3 miles uphill, 3 miles flat, 3 miles dowwwnnnn. Then all of it again.  The uphill is exactly what it sounds like. 3 miles up a not very steep but relentless hill and it just didn’t feel good at all. Coming back down was nice (and very fast) but having to climb that nonsense a second time was not appealing.Untitled

Time: 1:23:04 (4/5 AG, 26/37 Overall)

Yea not impressive at all. Much slower than Lake Logan and the course was shorter.

T2: 1:53

RUN (10K):
I was told that the run for this race was flat and hot, and I would agree with that. No shade, but no hills (ok, there’s one but it’s small). I started out pretty well and hit the halfway point right around 31 mins. Then I found that wall and ran into it headfirst. Oh, man, it was bad. My legs were shaking and I was so hungry and that last 5k was ugly. I wasn’t the only one.  The last 1/2 mile is out and back on the dam for the lake and everyone I saw was out there walking on it. Man, was it hot. I seriously positive split this run and it’s nothing to be proud of.

Time: 1:07:11 (5/5 AG, 24/37 Overall)

Overall Time: 3:01:00 (3/5 AG, 17/37 Overall)

Not exactly my best performance. While the race was pretty good, I’m not sure I would do it again since I just didn’t like the bike course.  The way this post is written, you would think that I was super miserable the whole time, but it really wasn’t all that bad. I wasn’t super concerned about my pace most of the time -except for the last 3 miles of the run when I totally fell apart. I was pretty  miserable then, but the rest was ok.

The only thing I was really unhappy with was the post race food. I was obviously starving when I crossed the finish line, so I hustled over to where the food was…and there was basically nothing. A few chewy granola bars, an almost empty container of trail mix and a few cokes and waters. I know this was a small race, but I would have rather had good food than a t-shirt! I had a coke to tide me over but as soon as I met up with my parents in Columbia, I had to insist that we stop to get food because FOOD. So, that was disappointing, but easily resolved by bringing your own food, I suppose.


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2 Responses to Langley Pond Triathlon

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    You are an awesome swimmer, but great job on all parts of the tri. It is the hottest time of the year and that’s a long bike and run after swimming.

    It stinks they didn’t provide good food for you guys. That’s a long event to just have those kinds of foods for the finishers, and if you pay for an event, you shouldn’t have to bring your own food to make sure you get something to eat. Plus, Aiken IS in the middle of nowhere so they should respect that most people have to drive back home, a pretty far away, and probably don’t want to have to get food on the way home after a race.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks! Yea, I’m pretty disappointed in the no food. We had to drive all the way back to Columbia to find anything, which is still almost an hour away. I was starving by that point!! I had to insist that my parents stop for lunch immediately =)

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