Rev3 SC Olympic Triathlon

Ah, finally, the end of this year’s tri season. It certainly didn’t go the way I wanted, but I’m definitely glad to be here. I’ll be missing it in 2 weeks (probably). There’s no doubt that I did a TON of races this year with the thought that I would really only do 2 or 3 next year. Unfortunately, I felt a little overwhelmed with trying to do the half at Rev3 since it’s not an easy race! At the beginning of September, I emailed Rev3 to see if I could drop from the Half to the Olympic race and they said “no problem”! No extra charge for it – great customer service from them.

So that was a huge relief. I spent the last month slacking off in a big way on the bike.  I did keep going to swim practice, and I kept up with my running since I have Savannah still coming up. I couldn’t say I had any big expectations for this race, or even that I was looking forward to it (at all). Then the weather forecast for Sunday showed up:



I apologize to all my fellow triathletes for my rain magnet tendencies.  This was a seriously soggy day. Made all the more unfortunate because Saturday was BEAUTIFUL.  ARG.


I drove down to Anderson Sunday morning nice and not-so early since the Olympic race didn’t start until 8:30. I dumped my running shoes at T2…and realized I forgot a plastic bag. I had several that I had left on my bike the previous day at T1 but I didn’t pack any that morning. This was a mistake.  I used my transition towel to cover up my shoes and hoped that it wouldn’t rain too much. Haha, right.

I rode the shuttle over to T1 with all my other junk and the rain started. No big deal, we were just going to get in the lake anyways. I covered my shoes and helmet and everything with my plastic bags that I was at least smart enough to bring with my bike. It was raining pretty consistently at this point but not too hard. Just as the half athletes were heading down to the start, there was lightning and they had to pull everyone out of the water. Big bummer for those guys. The race was postponed for a bit and it started to look like the weather was going to clear.  Apparently the emergency personnel knew more than us, because they shortened the half distance swim to the Olympic (not really that big of a deal) and sent all the waves off fairly quickly in an effort to get everyone in and out of the water before more bad weather showed up. My wave, of course, was last.

SWIM (1500 m):

I ended up wearing my wetsuit for this race, since I dragged it all the way out there. The water temp was officially 76.1 but with all the rain we got that morning, it felt cooler. I hit the water at the beginning of the swim and immediately felt like crap.  My legs felt terrible for reasons??? I have no explanation. I’ve been swimming well in practice and I rested hard last week and should have felt good. But I didn’t and overall my swim was not very good. Obviously, I spent most of the last half of the swim dodging dudes.

Time: 24:30 (1/7 AG, 4/57 Overall)
T1: 3:15

I ripped my wetsuit off and un-bagged my shoes. Someone had knocked my helmet off my bike halfway across the aisle, so I had to go searching for it and my glasses before I could take off.

BIKE (25 miles):
The bike started out nice enough. The first 3 miles or so are pretty much all uphill but then it heads out onto some nice country roads. It’s very pretty! There were a few descents that I had to sit up a brake on that I wouldn’t normally, but I wasn’t interested in crashing my bike and there were lots of wet leaves on the road.

I was starting to enjoy myself, until about mile 10, when it started raining again. BUMMER. At first, it was pretty light, so I was like, “oh okay, it’s going to rain, but it’s not so bad”.  Then my glasses fogged up big time. I wiped them down with Foggle the day before, so clearly that stuff doesn’t work. The next 10 miles were kind of a blur and I don’t remember much. The rain picked up quickly until it was raining pretty hard, so I was mainly focused on staying on the road and not crashing into anyone. Somewhere in there, it started POURING. I thought I was going to lose my contacts (note to self: pack contacts in car from now on). I spent a big chunk of what was probably nice, flat road sitting up and going slowly because I couldn’t see anything. Also, there were like 3 inches of water on the road. It was really a whole lot of rain.

Then around mile 20, the rain stopped as suddenly as it came on. Well, ok. At least I could see for the last few miles of the ride.

Time: 1:31:57 (3/7 AG, 15/57 Overall)

Considering the interesting weather conditions, this wasn’t such a bad ride! In normal circumstances, this is a really nice course.

T2: 1:27
Remember that towel I put over my running shoes? Haha, yea that didn’t do any good. The towel and shoes were totally soaked. I had some friends standing outside transition cheering so I may have wasted some time telling them how wet my shoes were.



RUN (10K):

My only goal for this run was to not walk between the aid stations.  It’s a pretty hilly run so I figured I would be pretty slow (as usual). And I was. But I only walked through the aid stations, so even though I was super slow, I at least ran most of the way, and this is better than most of my races this year. Nothing exciting happened and it didn’t rain anymore.

Time: 1:06:53 (5/7 AG, 31/57 Overall)


Oh well. Maybe if I could figure out how to combine that “no-walking” mentality with some actual speed…

Race Time: 3:08:03

Not my best race, but it was not a bad one (mostly). The course was very nice and I would love to do it again if they keep hosting this event!

My one big mistake was that I should have retired those running shoes before this race. I took them off after the race and had shooting pain in my right heel.  I’ve never experienced plantar faciitis, but if that’s what it is, it sucks. Those shoes are in the trash (really, because they were super nasty).

Well, that’s the year for me! I’m looking forward to some free time in November and December before I have to start thinking about Ironman training next year!


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