Best and Worst of Racing

Being that we’re now basically at the end of my racing season, I thought it would be fun to join in one of those little survey link-up things. I really liked this one since it’s about races and I love races! I followed the blog train back to The Right Fits for the initial survey. I definitely have some awesome races in the future, but here’s some of the highlights of the last few years:

Best Finisher’s Shirt
Definitely the shirt I got at the Clemson Tri. It’s made of that soft cotton material and I wear it all the time. This is saying something because I hate Clemson and people assume that I went there when I wear it. I just love it so much.

2014-05-10 12.38.42

Also socks are great

Worst Finisher’s Shirt
I had some trouble thinking on one particular race that had a terrible shirts because I donated all the race shirts that I never wore because they don’t fit.  There were a lot. But, I think the one race that has terrible shirts year after year is the Reedy River Run. I love this race and have done it 3 times and each year the shirts were awful. I didn’t keep any of them. If they’re going to keep doing that, I’d rather they just cut the shirts and the cost of the race.

Best Start Line
Definitely Disney. People may hate them for various reasons, but they sure know how to throw a race. There were fireworks and other random entertainment and I didn’t even mind that much that we were there for almost 3 hours waiting for the race start.


Best Finish Line
I would say either Savannah Rock and Roll or the Low Country Splash. These are obviously significantly different events, but they each had a pretty cool finish. I loved finishing the Savannah half marathon in Forsyth Park – it was so pretty!  But, finishing the Low Country Splash by swimming right up to the USS Yorktown was kind of awesome. I mean, you can take a stroll in the park anytime, but you can’t go diving in to Charleston Harbor any old day.

Still not mine, but a sweet pic

Best Finish Line Food
Kiawah, definitely. They sure know how to feed people down there. And they give out blondies at mile 20 on the marathon course.

Best Crowd Support
Nashville Rock and Roll. It rained ALL DAY and there were people cheering all along the course out there in the pouring rain. They are awesome. I can’t imagine what it would be like on a nice day!

photo 2 (1)

Hottest Race
To be honest, I’ve been pretty lucky with racing in the heat. I’ve had a few hot ones but they weren’t unbearable. I did do that bike event – Flight of the Dove – back in August this year that was pretty awful, though not a race.  We determined that if the gates of hell are anywhere, they are probably a few miles south of Clinton, SC.

Coldest Race
Again, I’ve been very lucky with the weather with regard to cold temperatures.  It just doesn’t get that cold in SC and I don’t sign up for very many races outside of this geographic area. The most unexpectedly cold race I’ve done was the Over the Mountain Tri.  It was supposed to be really nice and warm that day, being the last weekend in May, and it was 39 degrees at the race start! This is not ideal triathlon weather.

Added: Wettest Race (not including swimming obviously)
I added this category because if you haven’t noticed, I get rained on a lot. Enough that I’m known in my training circles as a rain magnet and I get blamed for rain at local races a lot. Sorry.  I would have said that the Nashville Marathon was my wettest race, but after Rev3 a few weeks ago, I have to say it wins.  Nashville gets an honorable mention for the all day rain shower, but I was never concerned about losing my contacts during the race! The rain at Rev3 was just ridiculous. I should have brought my goggles with me on the bike.

Most Scenic Course
Lake Logan is still my favorite race for it’s scenic course. I’ve had plenty of people disagree with me, but I just really enjoy going up to Canton for this race! It’s no Lake Tahoe, but compared to Indiana, well…it’s definitely better than cornfields.

Hilliest Course
I will always remember that sufferfest that was the Resolution Run Half Marathon.Whether it was actually the hilliest race I’ve done or not is kind of irrelevant because I remember it as being a monster, so that’s all that matters.

Fullscreen capture 1122013 12237 PM2

Flattest Course
If you’re looking for a flat race, just head down to the coast. Charleston, Savannah, Kiawah, all of these are good, flat races. I don’t think it gets any flatter than that!

Most Mental Strength
Most Disappointing Finish
I put these together since they’re the same race. When I fell apart halfway through the Kiawah Marathon last year, I wanted to just quit. I’m not entirely clear on why I kept going except that I seemed to have some weird urge to finish the race even though I was miserable and sucking. It never really felt like a victory though – being 30 minutes off your goal time will certainly do that to you. It was such a big disappointment, and I hate leaving that as the last marathon I do before IMTN, but I have just really not had any desire to train for another one. AT ALL. So, oh well. Maybe I’ll get the urge to try a (n open) marathon again, but it won’t be for a while!

How to pretend you're enjoying a marathon

How to pretend you’re enjoying a marathon

Best Worst Organization
I changed this one to the worst organized race because while I’ve been to tons of well-organized races, I’ve only had a few bad ones.  Tugaloo Tri takes the first prize for this one.  I was super displeased with this race and I will never do it again, and it’s doubtful that I’ll want to do any Georgia Multisports races again.  They don’t have a good reputation as it is, so to fail so magnificently in one of their biggest races is unimpressive.

I hate to leave the post on a sour note, so I’ll just say that I’m pretty excited about Savannah! It’s just a few weeks out and I’ve had some decent runs the past few weeks. I will be slower than last year, but I don’t think a 2:15 is an unreasonable goal for me right now. Either way, this is a fun race and I have some friends coming in from way out of town and I can’t wait to see them!


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4 Responses to Best and Worst of Racing

  1. kilax says:

    What a fun list!!! No pic of the worst shirt? Ha ha. That Disney start is STUNNING!!!!

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    I am stealing this survey :).

    I like your Clemson tri shirt and I am not a Clemson fan… but yeah, totally wear it. I don’t know why people think you went there, the shirt clearly says triathlon… anyway. You are right about flat races, you can’t get much flatter than Kiawah… but you have to be careful with others around here because they are not all flat. The Bridge Run, and both Connectors (James Island and Isle of Palms) have runs. But all our half marathons and marathons are flat!

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