Off Season Woes

Ok, not really woes, I just couldn’t come up with a clever title. I’ve been having a great time saying yes to every social engagement I can fit in my schedule, eating all the cookies, and just generally having a good time.

I expected to get back to running quickly after Savannah, but that didn’t go as planned. The day after the race, the outside of my knee started hurting pretty badly and I suspected ITBS based on where it hurt. So I took a few days off and stretched and foam rolled and did all that good stuff. I tried to do a short, easy run on Thursday but it was still pretty painful. Unfortunately, I had already signed up for the Sabre 5K the Saturday after Savannah. I guess I could have skipped it – it was colder than crap race morning and I knew my knee would hurt. But, I went out anyways (took 3 advil first). This turned out not to be too bad. I was not very fast (28:16), but it was enough to get me first in my age group – small race.  I got a gift card for Academy Sports that was worth more than my entry fee so that was a win. This was a good little race though.



I spent the next two weeks not running at all – just lifting weight and swimming mostly. Instead of getting better…my knee was hurting worse until the week of Thanksgiving, I started getting horrible stabbing pain in my knee just walking around which is not much fun when you’re running around the Atlanta airport. I tried to run on Thanksgiving Day (since my options were limited on exercise that day) and got about a quarter mile before I had to stop. We figured it was still probably ITBS and my dad made me take ibuprofen and ice a whole lot over the next few days (until I came back to SC).  The stabbing pain went away by Monday, so I tried for a run Tuesday morning. Success!

I don’t really understand what caused it – I was trained for Savannah so over-running doesn’t seem likely.  One thing it could be is that I always run on the left side of the road (like I’m supposed to, duh) and all that running on the cambered road aggravated my left leg.  The roads in Savannah were particularly rounded and I spent a lot of time off to the left.  So, I might need to try to run on the sidewalks more often since they’re flat.

Anyways, since running was ok again, I figured I was good to run the Jingle Bell Jog today (also registered before Savannah).  This was really just a fun run for us and a fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation.  It was in the afternoon, so we met up for brunch at someone’s apartment nearby (and had mimosas at 11 am, because we’re adults).

We also got photobombed by the cow

We also got photobombed by the cow

The race was at ICAR so it was obviously hilly.  It was a rainy morning, but luckily it had stopped by the time the race started. I knew I was not going to be fast – I hadn’t run in several weeks and we had all that food and drink before the race. Still, I didn’t do too bad. Time was 28:57 and I negative split the run.


We definitely had a fun morning. I ended up getting 2nd in my age group but certainly not because I was all that fast!! Haha.

For now, I’m just going to keep enjoying Christmas stuff, but I’ll definitely be ready to get back into normalcy by January!


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2 Responses to Off Season Woes

  1. kilax says:

    Gosh, that is totally odd that your knee started bugging you! I bet it is the road camber. That gets to me by the end of winter (that is when I do the bulk of my road running). I am happy it went away! Congrats on your two AG placements, rock star!

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