Rev3/Challenge Family Discount

Is anyone planning to race a former Rev3 event next year?


While my main event for 2015 is definitely Ironman Chattanooga, I’ve kept my options open for a half early next year since I wasn’t sure what race I wanted to do. I applied for about a bazillion AG teams hoping that one of them would want to – Ironman is expensive and so are coaches, so any savings I could get could help. The bad news is, I didn’t make the cut for any of them. The good news is, Challenge Family was looking for people to be brand ambassadors for them – particularly for the events that were formerly Rev3 races.

The good news for anyone reading this is that I can give you 10% off any of those races! This includes Knoxville,Williamsburg ,Quassy, Maine, and Cedar Point, Poconos, Florida and Rev3 RUSH. The good news for me is that 10 referrals will get me an entry into a race!

Unfortunately for me and my Greenville people, Rev3 Anderson is not currently on the schedule for this year. A HUGE disappointment since I was super impressed with this race the last 2 years I’ve attended (even in the crazy rain). I know the race was pretty small this year, so maybe in the future…

Anyways, if you want to sign up for one of these races, here’s a 10% off:


Here’s to 2015!


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