March is Freaking Over

Ok, where is my time going? Yesterday it was a year until Ironman Chattanooga and now we’re under the 6 month mark.

So here’s where I’ve been this month:

Swimming: 25,950 yds
Biking: 211 miles
Running: 65 miles
Smattering of yoga and strength

Races/Events: Asheville Half Marathon, Swamp Rabbit Cyclebration

Other nonsense: Moving, Ug

Not a huge month – with the mid month race (taper and recovery) and the move (a workout in itself) there was a lot of focus on getting me to the race healthy and bringing me out of it ready to start triathlon training.  Swimming was master’s practices – still mostly focused on meets since we have Y Nationals coming up in May! Biking was just base building and running was half-marathon focused. Now that it’s over, it’s time to start focusing on Ironman training.

Last Thursday, I met with my coach in person to talk running form. She had me do a few laps around a track to video me (it’s not pretty), then we spent 40 minutes or so talking about what is bad and doing drills. I’ll be spending the next 6-ish weeks basically…re-leaning to run. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a huge challenge but hopefully it will be worth it.

The other thing I’m re-learning is nutrition. I kind of take the lazy/prideful approach to nutrition. I normally eat a pretty solid meal/snack (depending on the time of day) before workouts – mostly because I hate carrying extra stuff during workouts – especially running.  I also got a little sucked into the whole mentality of less nutrition = more bad-ass. I hear all those guys saying, “OH well I did an Ironman with only one gu so there” and I get feeling kind of shamed because I eat more than that during an Olympic tri. But I’ve been officially schooled on this subject. I drink enough water but I am far, far below what I need in calories, so I’m having to practice on every workout > 1 hr to get my stomach used to the amount.  I’m limited on the brands I can eat (no Gu ever, no clif products or powerbar products while running) and I’m kind of terrified to try new brands but Katie recommended Infinit so I’ve been trying it out on the bike with no problems so far.  I want to try it out on some shorter runs to make sure I don’t have to suffer for long if it doesn’t sit well.  So for the half marathon, I stuck with my usual stuff (Honey Stinger and Hammer Gel) but at a lot more of it than I normally would – 5 instead of 1 during a half marathon!

So I’m definitely learning a lot.  I’m finding more and more than going with the coach was a good idea.  I clearly have no idea what I’m doing.

Other random stuff:

-The Swamp Rabbit Cyclebration was last Saturday. It was 32 degrees on the event morning and you can imagine I was not happy to have to dig out all of my winter cycling clothes that I had put away – foolishly thinking that winter was over. Thankfully it was a sunny day, but I was starting to get used to not having to ride with 10 layers of clothing on. I did the 40 mile ride with a couple of frozen friends and it was a really nice (hilly, as always) ride. The event supports the Greenville Greenways.

-As I mentioned earlier, I moved into a new apartment. Moving sucks and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

-My Undress still isn’t here and I’m very sad about that. A few of my friends have theirs already and I’m filled with jealousy. Please send it to me soon!!!

-THANK GOODNESS daylight saving time is here. Rides after work for everyone!

What’s coming up on my schedule:

-Next weekend, I’m headed to DC to visit a friend and run the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile! I’m very excited; I’ve never been to DC so this should be a lot of fun.

-April 17-18: Smoky Mountain Relay. I am so happy to get to join the Blue Ridge Bootleggers this year since some of last year’s team couldn’t join again – and I missed out big-time last year while I was running the Diva Half Marathon instead (why did I do that??).

-May 7-10: YMCA Master’s Nationals swim meet in Sarasota.  So this is probably more of a vacation but I did sign up for the 400 IM in a moment of weakness.

Any triathlons?? Hah. None at the moment. I’m considering the Lake Murray Sprint at the end of May but as of right now I’m not signed up for any until August.

So that’s March. I guess I’ll be back in a month!


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