May Recap

Oh well, less than 16 weeks left to Ironman Chattanooga. We won’t talk about that too much, but things are definitely starting to get more “down to business”. I’m determined to finish this recap before the end of June.

SWIM: 28,000 yds (plus or minus a bit – I didn’t really keep track at Y Nationals. Lots of pool swimming to prep for the swim meet plus one open water swim at Lake Jocassee with the team and the swim in Raleigh. Just keep trucking here!


BIKE: 317 miles
I keep having mini freak-out moments on weekends where my coach doesn’t have me do a long run or bike but she doesn’t seem concerned about it so I try to chill.  Longest ride so far is 60 miles and I feel pretty good about that distance.  One week covered half of this distance (150 miles over 4 rides in a week) and it definitely made me feel like I was training for an Ironman. Also, I had one bike crash – right at the beginning of the month. I was out on a group ride from Cycle Haus and there was a big hunk of carpet in the road around a blind corner going downhill and everybody was stopping….but me. I was about to slow down but I lost control of the bike and down I went. Got some nice road rash and ripped up my back tire  so I was definitely lucky on this one!


RUN: 54
Slowly building here – only up to 8 mile long runs but I’m moving back to workouts instead of drills all the time. I ran 8 miles after I finished my swim in Raleigh and it made me really, really glad to not be racing the whole thing because it was HOT.

YMCA Masters Nationals – I really meant to do a post for this event because it was a ton of fun and anyone with a master’s team and the ability to go should, but I didn’t get around to it. I had some pretty good swims on the longer distance events and some pretty mediocre sprints (makes sense I guess). And I came home with some bling – 3 AG first places in the 400 IM (WHAT), 200 back, and 100 back. And lots of time was spent at beautiful Siesta Key beach.

Y Nationals 2015 (43)

Greenville Spinners TT – The local bike club has a summer time trial series that’s free to anyone that’s a member (so I am now!), so I thought it would be a “fun” challenge to try it.  It was a 10 mile hilly out and back (how did they find 600 ft of elevation gain in 10 miles?) on an unexpectedly windy day.  My coach had me warm-up for a bit and her advice for the TT was “as hard as and fast as you can. I mean it!”. I really did and managed to finish in just over 30 mins which was just below 20 mph. I feel like I can go faster than that but my average HR for the TT was 186 so I definitely gave it my all on that day.

Rally in the Valley – What a great event! This is a cycle tour that starts in Walhalla, SC and is pretty much all out in the middle of nowhere. There was a 60 mile and 30 mile (so I did the 60) and it was just great. Mostly good road surface, great scenery, and very little traffic. The post race party was solid too – great BBQ and beer from Thomas Creek and Oskar Blues =)


Raleigh 70.3 Relay – There’s no question that we were the best looking team out there.  I’ll eventually write up a full race report since it deserves one but I was the 7th in the relay division out of the water with a time of 33:26 and our relay was 24th out of 75+ relays. So Wonder Women can kick butt too.




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3 Responses to May Recap

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    It’s great to hear from you and how Tri Training is going! I love the Wonder Women costumes you wore at Raleigh :).

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