July IM Training (8 Weeks OMG)

Not that anyone is counting or anything but 56 days…

Another shocking statistic  – it’s hot in July. I recognized early on that there was zero point in whining about it because I intentionally chose a fall Ironman knowing that it will (probably) be much cooler on race day than it has been for training and I will be in better shape because of this. But there were quite a few days (early mornings) where I walked outside and just said “UG!”. It’s not always pleasant but sometimes (most of the times) you just gotta suck it up. I also lost 5 days of training due to travel to China so there was no slacking for the rest of the month. So here’s July:

pie chart


Swim: 22,075 yds (12.5 ish miles)
Thanks to the China trip, I went almost 2 weeks without swimming (gasp), though this is nothing to panic over since I know that I can tackle the swim without any issues. But I get to missing my master’s swim people =) Outside of that, I’ve only been swimming 2x a week this month so I can have (much needed) rest days on Fridays. Two of those were open water swims at the coach’s lake house.

lake picture

Bike: 480 miles
Again, I lost 1-2 opportunities for biking since I didn’t do any of that during my week of travel but coach made up for it by destroying me on the weekends before and after.  The weekend before (July 4th), I participated in the Fabulous 4th bike ride which was 65 miles of a whole lot of hills (>5000 ft of elevation). Of course it rained which totally ruined the final descent into Tryon – it’s a bit of a technical descent and I didn’t want to end up as a blood splat on the pavement so I had to take it slow. But overall it was a nice event.



I also had not one, but 2 century rides in July. First one was the day after I returned from China – I was exhausted and it was brutally hot but I finished! I wanted to get away from my usual riding places so when a friend offered to show us a route to Anderson (and back) I decided to go for it. So after a loop of the normal route, we joined up with him to ride to his house and back and he made us lattes.  I had to do 10 miles solo at the end of that and they were hella slow but I survived. The best part was when I got home, my parents (who came to visit) made me lunch AND even carried my bike up the stairs to my apartment. Can’t usually get good service like that!

No Bust!

No Bust!

2nd century was last weekend and was far less painful (but hillier??). I think it was less hot which I’m sure helped quite a bit.  I also had a 70 miler in the middle and met up with a group for our annual Grits and Groceries ride and enjoyed some post-ride praline bacon.

gng food

Run: 88.5 miles
This is like a lot for me. The weekday runs are way longer (and harder) than I ever would have done on my own.  I hate it but the coach has convinced me that I am getting better, stronger, and faster and even though I don’t feel like it, I do trust her judgement. I am working hard, so here’s to hoping that pays off! I had one treadmill run (in China) and 1 brick (was supposed to be 2 but I ditched on. Bad Steph). Most interesting run was a trail adventure at Dupont:


Most painful was the 8.5 mile track workout I had last week:

Go out too hard and you will not be happy with your life choices

Go out too hard and you will not be happy with your life choices

And best was my long run last weekend (after century #2), where I was actually able to do the workout and felt good at the end!  It was a flat run on the SRT but I needed the confidence boost and this definitely helped.

Crosstrain: 3 hours (give or take)
Just some yoga and core workouts because there is no time for anything else. Also too tired to move.

No events this month. The first half of the month was “survive the jet lag because you went to China for 3 days” and the second half of the month was “OMG coach is def trying to kill me”.

What’s coming in August:
-This weekend I get a “recovery” weekend (only 50 miles instead  of lots!!)
-Next weekend is the Lake Logan Half! Since when is a 70.3 a training event? Oh yea since I decided an Ironman would be a good idea. I love the venue at Lake Logan and this is my favorite Olympic distance race….but I have to do the half. From what I hear from last year’s participants, this is a pretty tough half so I don’t plan to set any records but I hope I have a strong race. It will be fun – I’m going with friends and spending the whole weekend up there to spectate the Olympic and Sprint on Sunday.
-Weekend after that is Chattanooga training camp!  This is with my coach and I’m very glad I decided to go since this will take a lot of the guesswork and ??? I’m feeling about the race. It will be good to have a better feel for what I’m getting into.
-Possibly doing Flight of the Dove bike ride again in August. I really enjoyed this ride last year (though it was hotter than hell). But it’s for a good cause so if it fits the plan I will ride.
-August 29th is the Upstate Splash event!  Our Greenville Splash coach has always wanted to organize an open water event and her dream is coming to reality this year – so anyone in the area should definitely come and participate!!  Options are 1.2 or 2.4 mile swim in Lake Jocassee (which is an AWESOME place) so please come if you are able! The event is supporting an organization that provides swim lessons to children who would not be able to afford them.

Well that’s pretty much everything for July.



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One Response to July IM Training (8 Weeks OMG)

  1. Mary says:

    For the past couple of years I’ve booked an Autumn marathon for the very same reason! Much better to train in the heat than to have it on race day.

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