Bear Crawl 10 Mile


This is still here?

To be fair, I haven’t been engaging in many athletic endeavors of note. Or anything athletic really. Post-IM I was pretty lazy: didn’t really swim, bike, or run much until January (with a few exceptions. I did a 5K and a swim leg of a 70.3 relay in October). January showed up which meant a return to coached workouts (in hindsight this was an excellent idea otherwise I would have definitely kept slacking) and finally decisions for races for the year.

One thing I found was that I actually kind of liked trail running a little. I mean, I’m not good (at all), but getting off the road a little really helped with my motivation for long runs and I can’t deny that the hills (mountains) weren’t beneficial.

12670235_10153228428076851_7490716810293926800_n (1)

Look how much fun we’re having

So I decided to take a whack at a real race. Specifically, the Bear Crawl 10 Miler at Table Rock (there was also a 50K but that’s reserved for crazy people). This was a first year race, though I’ve hiked Table Rock plenty of times so I at least had an idea of what I was in for. It’s a quad killer. I did a full course preview two weeks before the actual race date and couldn’t walk very well for most of the week after.

table rock

There she is: all 3,500 ft of elevation gain and crazy wild descent. So. Obviously this wasn’t so much of a race for me but definitely a challenge!

A number of my Bootlegger people were also doing it so we made a day of it by spending most of the afternoon cheering on the 50K runners (that loop 3 times. yes really).



My race was pretty unremarkable. I hiked as fast as I could up the mountain to the peak of Pinnacle Mountain and then slip-slided down until I could get my quads to work again to start running. I didn’t fall at all!


Look I’m having fun

It really was fun. I cannot possibly imagine going back out and doing it two more times. My legs were toast. Obviously my time was nothing impressive at 3:09 but it fit compared to the times of my teammates (slower than all of them haha).

Anyway, thanks for Upstate Ultras (and RD Hammersmith) for an awesome race experience!



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  1. Yeah… Pass. I don’t know how those ultra runners run such crazy trails (/mountains), half of the time in the dark, and still manage a good pace at that. I get out of breath and need rest breaks just leisurely “hiking” (walking) up Table Rock! Kudos to you.

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