About Me

Hey, I’m Steph!

-I live in Greenville, SC. It’s pretty great.
-I do triathlons. I love it. I’m not fast. I’d like to get faster.
-I do other stuff but that’s not really what this blog is for – it’s for races and training.
-2015 is the year of the Ironman! Goal race is IM Chattanooga.



12 Responses to About Me

  1. Corey says:

    Um, wait, you live here in the upstate too?! I am glad I found you!! It will be fun to follow your marathon training! Sphinx is a tough course, but love that it is nice and close to home!!

  2. beautystillremains says:

    How do you like SC? I went to USC in Columbia and lived in Charleston for a little bit. I miss it down there!

  3. Hi Steph,

    Hope you’re well.
    It’s funny I’ve got a draft on my blog waiting to be finished that is pretty similar to your story. After moving areas for work I found myself without a sport to train at. I took up climbing which I still enjoy, but this year I took up running. I’ve never thought of myself as a runner, as I’m built more towards lifting things. However I thought running is a cheap way to get a bit of weight off. A friend and I have signed up for Tough Mudder in November so I thought I’d better up the training and now I’m loving my running. I find it definitely to have something to work towards so you have something to measure against. Once Tough Mudder is gone I think I’ll have to try a half marathon.


  4. I love finding blogs from fellow swimmers! Swimming is my #1 sport. It’s how I lost 110 pounds and I still swim 2-3 days a week because I LOVE it!

  5. Emily says:

    I stumbled across your blog while looking up triathlons in Greenville. I am wanting to do my first sprint this summer. The bike is my biggest struggle. Which tri in the area would you most recommend to a first timer?

    • Steph says:

      Awesome! Good luck in your training! As far as some good beginner tri’s, I would say that the You Go Girl Tri in Greenville in July is a great race for a beginner. The Caine Halter Tri (in May – so a little tight on time) or the Greenville Tri in August are good ones as well. Check out Setup Events for the race details – they organize most of the local races!

  6. trueindigo says:

    Hi Steph,
    We have nominated you for the Liebster Award. It’s for bloggers to nominate other blogs they enjoy reading that have a small following.
    Anyway, for the questions we are required to ask you and the list of rules, you can see our blog post where I have nominated you here at:

    Thanks for your great blogging,
    Terri & Jim of See Jain Run

  7. Hi Steph, thanks for entering RunFarGirl’s giveaway for our gift card. Just wanted to reach out to see if there was anything we can do to help you reach your goals in the Ironman. I would love to get you started with the nutrition if you wanted some help? It would make a HUGE difference in your race, as the plan would be tailored to you. Just wanted to check in. Hope you enjoy the holidays! 🙂

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