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2018 Update

Well….I figured I’d come back to this, if for nothing else than a little accountability while I hopefully get my ass back in shape. You know how you get a kind of post-race depression after a big race? Yea, I … Continue reading

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Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon

A few weeks ago, I was able to participate in and finish the inaugural Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon. This is definitely one of the craziest/stupidest things I’ve ever done….and it was awesome. I definitely want to share this experience with the … Continue reading

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I’m Not Dead – Update

Hmmm. Ok, so it’s now July 2017. A whole year has escaped me, and what have I accomplished? Uhhh….not that much. But I figured I’d do a quick recap of what I’ve been up to and we’ll go from there! … Continue reading

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June 2016 Update

Hmm. I suppose it’s been a while. I guess I’ve been a bit busy and have been spending my little free time watching Game of Thrones instead of doing stuff like this. #priorities So let’s have a look and see … Continue reading

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Bear Crawl 10 Mile

*ahem* This is still here? To be fair, I haven’t been engaging in many athletic endeavors of note. Or anything athletic really. Post-IM I was pretty lazy: didn’t really swim, bike, or run much until January (with a few exceptions. … Continue reading

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Ironman Chattanooga Race Recap

Where to start? The good news is that internet results are now and forever and therefore my internet results showing that I finished Ironman Chattanooga in 14 hours and 20 minutes and photographic evidence shows that I was upright and … Continue reading

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August IM Training

Hold on, because August was a full month and I’m going to get it all down before I forget everything. Is Ironman brain a thing? It should be. I’m definitely to the point where I’m tired of being tired and … Continue reading

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